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Uvar, the label owned by Nu Zau & Sepp never rests, but this is something new and a refreshing approach. In the first release of their limited edition series, Uvar brings together 8 fascinating artists, blending perfectly the Romanian sound with the two Miami up-and-comers, Idana and Rojid. This VA compilation certainly has an eclectic feel to it. The diversity in sound is bound to make things exciting but they manage to stay in touch with each other somehow, just right to make this a perfect journey covered in many layers.

VA -

Vid is the one who starts things off and his trademark sound can be heard all over the place on Norush. A compelling track made of sweet percussions, heavy bass and a striking linear composure that gives the feel of a never-ending loop of great music. On A2, Andrei Kharitonov comes with a more dance floor oriented approach and some whispering vocals will get you moving right away.

Up next, Nu Zau calms things down with a lovely and smooth piece of music. A relaxing groove that is filled with a deep bass line, some foggy voices that disappear and appear as they wish and some cosmic background sounds that make Cosmic Gipsy one of the most carefully constructed tracks that I’ve heard lately. You just know when you’re hearing a Sepp track. Rasbel de Cabinet, the one present here, is somewhat of a short affair at 8 minutes long for the Constanța native, bearing in mind his more Villalobos-esque adventures, but is has all the ingredients: groovy, heavy bass and alluring background noises.

Open Windows by Lizz continues the Romanian vibe, but with another interesting turn. It’s somehow in the same film as Vid‘s track, but the rhythm here is faster and it has a trippy feeling attached to it. Cosmjn is next and Lite has a no-nonsense bass line that pretty much steals the show here. Or at least at the beginning, because as soon as you really enter into this one, the accompanying percussions and background noises make for a perfect continuation of the Lizz track.

Some acid vibes come with Idana‘s Orquideas and this a perfect track for a late after-hours session, maybe at a Miami location somewhere. Rojid‘s Dulcet closes things off and these two tracks seem like they were made for each other as it continues the same acid and spatial grooves from Idana’s track.

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Artist: VA (Vid, Andrei Kharitonov, Nu Zau, Sepp, Lizz, Cosmjn, Idana, Rojid)
Label: Uvar
Cat. number: UVARLTD001
Release date: 23.03.2017
Format: vinyl-only, 180g

Words by Vlad Dumitrescu

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