Priku – In Control [BPLR Records]

Priku - In Control [BPLR Records]

Priku – In Control [BPLR Records]

The well-known Romanian brand Bipolar (BPLR, b/plr.) takes the next step in their musical journey and introduces to their first vinyl-only instalment as a record label. Signed by local minimal icon Priku, “In Control” reveals three fresh cuts infused with deep and groovy rhythms, ready to sweep the dancefloors worldwide.

The party started in 2014 in Bucharest and quickly expanded to Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara, Belgrade, London, Berlin and Amsterdam, with the crew behind Bipolar offering a real alternative to the underground electronic dance music scene. In time, they collaborated with a lot of established artists as well as with fresh names in order to deliver top-notch experiences, with the likes of Barac, Praslea, Livio & Roby, Nu Zau, Sepp, Gescu, Cally and Vlf present on the line-up at recent events.

Adrian Niculae aka Priku needs no introduction. The head-chief of Motif and Atipic travels the world and shares his smooth selections with thousands while his productions have been dispatched by imprints like Secouer Records, All Inn Black, [a:rpia:r], Pressure Traxx, Eastenderz, Savor Music and Rora, to name a few. Last year he teamed-up with VincentIulian in order to dispatch ENDZ024 under the VincentAdrian alias.

Side A features “Green Zone”, a funky minimalistic composition designed with engaging percussion, a solid bassline and reverberating micropatterns. There’s a subtle layer of graininess and distortion added to the main sounds that provides a spacious dimension to the whole, making one start moving his body.

On Side B we first find “Mysterium”, a deep yet uplifting cut seasoned with long piano notes, swirling effects and elegant dark undertones. Tension is developed through numerous variations and constructions that synergise into a hypnotic conclusion. Closing the wax there’s “Super Tom” rolling with dynamism while eerie background textures and sequences seem to ever-evolve into something out-of-this-world.

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Artist: Priku
Title: In Control
Label: BPLR Records
Cat. number: BPLR001
Release date: 07.08.2019
Format: Vinyl-only


Words by AndreiB


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