Barac, Remus - One Who Can See In The Dark [Shamandrum] front

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Barac, Remus – One Who Can See In The Dark [Shamandrum]

After introducing his Shamandrum project alongside Baltazar last year, Barac sides with Remus for the second pressing coming from the label, titled “One Who Can See In The Dark”. Revealing a shamanic vision of a deeper kind of minimalistic electronica, the concept brings forward a mysterious carousel of rhythms and soundscapes ready to sweep the frequencies while being totally immersive.

Barac truly stands out with his approach on this one, taking the story of The Shaman even further into uncharted sound dimensions. Side A features the title track, a ten minutes long hypnotic experimental sequence designed with an alluring canopy of effects, cinematic synth strokes and heavy modulated samples, all rooted into a core percussive pattern dominated by tribal elements and an eerie vocal cut. The track evolves and changes all the time, going from a dark atmosphere to brighter notes and pads at the end. “You don’t find the light by avoiding the darkness.”

On the flipside, Remus drops a steaming remix, driven by a strong wobbling bassline, a clear and uplifting beat and bright background textures. The cut flows with a dreamy balance, building tension with intricate layering and subtle micropatterns that create an engaging journey. He also signs B2, “Find The Light”, a relaxing ambient composition to conclude the release.

The collaboration between the two brings forward a unique piece of minimal, ready to deliver fresh vibrations in the contemporary electronic music scene. Barac is no doubt one of the most forward-thinking local producers and acclaimed selectors while rising talent Remus sure knows his ways with techno, following the successful debut on Sintope with “Ever EP”.

Barac, Remus - One Who Can See In The Dark [Shamandrum] back

Listen to the snippets and grab your copy of One Who Can See In The Dark at


Artist: Barac, Remus
Title: One Who Can See In The Dark
Label: Shamandrum
Cat. number: SHMN002
Release date: 27.05.2019
Format: Vinyl-only


Words by AndreiB


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