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Priku - Endz014

Last updated on May 2nd, 2017 at 11:20 pm

Priku – Endz014

Is there really a need to introduce Priku? Probably not, but for those of you who turned on the TV a little late, Priku, a.k.a. Adrian Niculae by his real name, has been for some time now one of the most important names in the Romanian underground scene. He currently runs two labels, Motif and Atipic, and his previous releases include records at [a:rpia:r], All Inn Records, Pressure Traxx & more. This is his second collaboration with EASTENDERZ after Endz005 which came out in 2015.

By the way, he will debut his live act at Sunwaves coming this weekend. Keep an eye on that.

Priku - Endz014

We kick things off with Melodic and the name really says it all here: it is a nice, smooth and melodic affair delivered here by Priku with some cutting-edge subtle bass lines that go throughout to make sure your feet will get moving immediately.

Next, Marea Unire offers a more calm approach with some discreet percussions that blend in just fine in the overall chill vibe of the track. Add in some lovely piano strings in the background and you have a wonderful result.

Western goes clearly more towards the dance floor with its high rhythm and the strong bassline. The violin heard throughout offers a nice contrast and makes this one probably the most complex one on this release.

Spectral Scan closes the curtain with its high tempo and you can say after this one that these 4 tracks are the full package. A wonderful journey created by Priku here that will take you through a multitude of moods and feelings.

You can pre-order it at deejay.de.

Artist: Priku
Title: Endz014
Cat. number: ENDZ014
Release date: 05.06.2017
Format: vinyl-only

Words by Vlad Dumitrescu

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