Botanic Minds ~ BMSS003 | Review

Botanic Minds ~ Mierea Dor ~ BMSS003

Review | Botanic Minds ~ BMSS003

Back with a third serving of its acclaimed sunset series, once again vinyl imprint Botanic Minds is in fine form. Their last release came courtesy of Romanian Nu Zau under his seldom-used Mierea Dor alias, a deftly produced four track which unsurprisingly founds its way into the bags of titans like RareshPriku & Cap. With the artist behind this release shrouded in mystery once more, were left to simply enjoy the fruits of another sterling minimalist music maker. 

On the immediate A side, ‘Track001A’ sets the tone with a swaggering low-end groove. It’s bass line bubbles energetically against high pitched piano notes, the contrast working brilliantly as rasped vocal lines pierce the audio spectrum. Finely tuned drum programming keeps things in a calculable flow creating a sure-fire peak time weapon. Onto A2, where we find a smoothly understated house cut in ‘Track001B’. Its bass line keeps a steadily submerged rhythm whilst tonal bleeps flitter in the upper frequencies like raindrops. A crisp and concise cut that becalms the mind with its airy pads and subtly melded elements.

Flipping things to the B side and we encounter ‘Track002A’, a cut that ramps the energy back up with plenty of playful tones and electronic artefacts. The steady hum of looping sub bass steers things forward as guitar plucks and vocal snippets intermittently vie for attention. Hi-hat and tom flourishes twirl over a syncopated sequence of elements, creating a heady and transmuted atmosphere. Finally, on ‘Track002B‘ we find a paced House & Techno hybrid with a deep, oscillating bass line motif. Heavily filtered vocal snippets running rampant, amidst a subtle haze of electronic bleeps. The key here is all in the low end, unrelenting and hypnotic, charged with rounding out the release in a dynamic fashion.

Unadulterated jams.

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