Vinyl Speed Adjust – Contrast Ep (part I) [Hourglass] incl. Volkan Akin remix

Vinyl Speed Adjust - Contrast Ep (part I) [Hourglass]

Vinyl Speed Adjust – Contrast Ep (part I) [Hourglass]

Vinyl Speed Adjust release a new EP on Hourglass with a remix from Volkan Akin.

Vinyl Speed Adjust are loved for their releases on labels such as Pressure Traxx, Gilesku Records, Colours in Music or Bodyparts Records. In 2012 Eddy and Levy founded the Crystal Structures label, dedicated to vinyl, house, techno and dancing where they launch established artists from the 90s/2000 generation and in October 2015 they release their first 12″ on Vinyl Speed Adjust Records, a space for their own productions and collaborations.

The Contrast EP (part. I) appears a little under one month since their exciting Reflections EP on Vinyl Speed Adjust Records, a striking representation of their trademark minimal sound and emotional, melodic explorations.

“Vinyl has overrun digital in this period because a lot of quality tracks appear exclusively on vinyl, reaching out to a passionate special kind of audience.” – feeder insider w/ Vinyl Speed Adjust

The Contrast EP features Floating Around on side A and a remix by amazing Volkan Akin on the B side.

Resolute and wavering sounds pop into existence here and there and as you float deeper into their daze, you find yourself already moving. The track’s name seems to announce its intention as floating describes the state of being bewildered or slipping into altered states of consciousness.

Listen now to the Contrast EP, played by Valentino Kanzyany, Praslea, Priku & more.

Vinyl Speed Adjust - Contrast Ep (part I) [Hourglass]

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Artist: Vinyl Speed Adjust
Title: Contrast Ep (part I)
Label: Hourglass
Cat. number: HOURGLASSLTD005
Release date: 03.04.2018
Format: Vinyl-only


Words by Cristina Popa [random]


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