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feeder insider w/ Vinyl Speed Adjust

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Vinyl Speed Adjust, Eddy and Levii by their real names, are gradually becoming one of the important names in the underground scene in Romania, but also internationally. They have releases on labels such as Pressure Traxx, Gilesku Records, Colours in Music or Bodyparts Records and in recent years they had gigs in USA, England, Tunisia or Switzerland. We had the chance to have a chat with the guys and they told us about Crystal Structures and VSA Records, about how they are choosing their artwork and what makes a good party. To find out more, read the whole interview below.

When there’s two… it’s easier.
At 4 am… I dream.
The cruising speed is… 126 bpm!
Ten years ago it was mIRC, today… discogs.
Our favourite place remains… home.
When you switch off the light… you become inspired.
When we’re not lost in the headphones or speakers, you will find us… out with friends.
We collect… old tunes.
Three vinyls we usually spin… LPLTD015, DONE035 si PT035.

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feeder insider w/ Vinyl Speed Adjust

Alexandru Bogdan: Hello Eddy, Levii! We thank you for accepting our invitation. Your name is super straight-forward, but how did you get together as a team and what was the moment when you irreversibly became hooked on music?

Vinyl Speed Adjust: Cheers, thank you for the invitation. We got together back in 2009 sharing a common “vice”: music; shortly after we decided to start this project and everything unfolded naturally.

AB: 2015 was packed with interesting events which enabled you to travel frequently in Europe and the US. Not long ago, you played at Z-bau, in Nuremberg, and more recently in a secret place in Paris. How does your schedule look like for the next few months?

VSA: Yes, 2015 was filled with interesting events and we had the chance to meet many key people from the industry and not only. Soon we will be mixing in Ljubljana, Zurich, London, Frankfurt and then back to Paris.

AB: In 2012, you founded the Crystal Structures label, dedicated to vinyl, house, techno and dancing. In October 2015, One My Way EP came out, your first vinyl on Vinyl Speed Adjust Records, a new record label run by you. What are the objectives you set out for the two projects?

VSA: CSR maintains it’s course and old-skool concept while we will  continue to launch established artists from the 90s/2000 generation. Through VSA we will launch our own productions and establish possible collaborations. 

feeder insider w/ Vinyl Speed Adjust

AB: Your discography counts 12 vinyls until now. More and more artists turn strictly to vinyl for their releases. What do you think has made this medium win so much support lately?

VSA: Vinyl has overrun digital in this period because a lot of quality tracks appear exclusively on vinyl, reaching out to a passionate special kind of audience.

AB: We heard about the upcoming two releases, one on the Jesus Loved You label, the other on Hourglass LTD. We would love to hear these in a set for feeder sound series. What’s the story behind each release and should we get ready for others this year?

VSA: We’ve been friends with Valentino for a while now, we share a beautiful friendship and sometimes we request his feedback for some of our scheduled releases. He tested them in the club and decided to release two tracks on JLY.

About Hourglass, we were offered a double EP with 3 original tracks and 3 remixes from artists we appreciate – Volkan Akin, Nima Gorji and Cesar Merveille; we also liked the concept of the label, to release only 300 copies; in summer our productions are released by Visionquest and VSA Records. 

feeder insider w/ Vinyl Speed Adjust

AB: Keys, drum kit, percussions, Roland machines, bass modulator, what else belongs to your production setup? What steps do you take to organise your creation process?

VSA: We’re satisfied with our setup but there’s always room for other modulators and new things. 

When we create we don’t follow a particular algorithm, sometimes everything starts from a simple idea which evolves in tune with our feelings; other times we have a recording session where we use the machines and adjust everything for the final result. 

AB: The synesthesia between sound and image is a relationship explored by more and more artists. What are the elements and motifs associated with your sound? Who are the graphic designers you work with and how do you select them?

VSA: We like to match a vintage image to our sound, original, sometimes uncommon; we work with two visual artists – one from Bulgaria, the second from Romania – they inspired us through their original and vast portfolios.

feeder insider w/ Vinyl Speed Adjust

AB: Now you live and work in Barcelona. What were the factors you’ve taken into consideration when you chose to move?

VSA: We only moved for 3 months because we wanted to try something completely new; now we live in Bucharest but we hope to return to BCN.

AB: What are the necessary ingredients for a great party? Which events hold the most pleasant memories?

We believe the elements for a great party are quality music, the sound system and the organisation. It’s hard to pick a certain place as each party where we were invited to play has had its share of unique and pleasant experiences.

AB: For 12 years, feeder.ro informs and ties friendships among connoisseurs of underground electronic music, contemporary art, design and alternative events; when and why did you visit this address for the first time?

VSA: We read all that relates to clubbing/nightlife and on-line magazines covering electronic music; our first contact with Feeder was online, 4-5 years ago. 

Thank you!

feeder insider w/ Vinyl Speed Adjust

Words & Translation by Alexandru Bogdan
Photos by VJ VLC
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