feeder sound 297 mixed by He Did

feeder sound 297 mixed by He Did 01

Buckle up for a deep and introspective journey into the realms of minimal alongside He Did, our guest for this Friday’s podcast and one of the most forward-thinking artists from the underground electronic music scene.

Ricardo Rueda aka He Did established himself as one of the icons of the Peruvian scene from an early age and steadily received international support for his distinct vision on mixing and music-making. From his hometown of Lima to Los Angeles, Detroit, New York or Miami, he always delivered top-quality sounds for the crowds to enjoy while sharing the decks with artists like Enzo Muro, Camelia, Andree Castillo, Bryce, Alejandro Cuestas, Oshana and Ruslan, among others. When it comes to production, he published amazing materials with labels like Ipsum Records, Detroit Vinyl Room, Capodopere, Minim Records, Outré, Salomon Recordings, Ukiyo, Pool House Black, Archipel and, of course, Saint & Don’t Music which he manages alongside Kike Mayor since 2014.

Constantly exploring the depths of house, techno and minimal music, He Did is currently working on several projects, one confirmed for Franco Cinelli’s label Psyfunk and another for his own venture with Lizz and Vinyl Speed Adjust on remix duties, so stay tuned to his online channels for more news and updates.

I tried to express the life I had this past year 2020 in the mix, trying to take it for different emotions. And this is what inspires me in general to make music, everything I live day by day. I found that’s the most honest way for me to make music. I played some of my tracks and a few more Peruvian projects. It’s weird that I play my own music but as this was a special occasion, I decided it was the perfect opportunity.

He Did

feeder sound 297 mixed by He Did sets off with the immersive modulations of “Bajo La Lluvia” and the ethereal broken-beat patterns of “En Silencio” from the artist’s Permaneced LP on Archipel, steadily building on a twisted journey which includes several other own productions as well. The rhythms and textures mix into a hypnotic flow, going from abstract moments to pure pumping sounds, incorporating tracks signed by artists like Lisiere Collectif, Dubfound, Matje, Pheek & Kike Mayor, Remus, Loxique and Rhythm Box. Enjoy with the volume UP! 🔊

Find out more about the feeder sound upcoming and past vinyl releases and discover the latest additions to our online shop, including artworks by Pisica Pătrată, IRLO, AEUL, Nesk, ERPS and John Dot S.

He Did on soundcloud | facebook | Saint & Don’t Music
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Words by AndreiB

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