feeder sound 264 mixed by Bronxy

feeder sound 264 mixed by Bronxy

This week we invite Bronxy to add to the vibes present here in our ongoing podcast series, so get ready to experience solid rhythms and elegant textures from the world of electronic music!

Based in Moscow, Bronxy is well-known for his intense activity in the scene as a DJ, producer and publisher for quite some time now, having started his career in 2008 as a part of the Ukrainian duo Dub Makers. After a while, he decided to follow a solo career, being driven by a constant passion for the electronic music movement. Determined to leave his own fingerprint sound on the international scene, he combined the art of mixing to that of the production process, bringing forward his distinct sound to the people. As a DJ he shared the decks with artists like iO (Mulen), Rares Romanov, Valentino Kanzyani, Dennis Frost, Cake, Deep Square and Vinyl Speed Adjust while as a producer he collaborated with Kirik, Peshka, Cheise, Gorbani and Cancelled, whit whom he forms the Five Lakes duo, to name only a few.

Bronxy also manages several record labels – ÉTÉ, Elarum, Moff and Ouvert, while some of his works have been released through Blind Vision Dubs, Genesis, Memory Remains, Pleasure Zone and System 108. Focused on the modern aspects of techno, house and minimal music, his imprints delivered steaming 12” materials from Bodeler, Juan Zolbaran, Silat Beksi, Sonartek, Olivian Nour, Nima Gorji and Philipp Lichtblau, among others. Several other releases are now awaiting confirmation while the latest drop features Hashplant’s owners Enivrèz Vous dispatching some serious grooves with the “Anonymous EP“.

“A few hours before the set was recorded, my hard drive with all the music, the album coming and a bunch of different projects, he just died and died. After that, a real quest for restoring information started and finding the right material for the podcast. Luckily, some of my friends have some of my new tracks from the album and I just picked up a track until 7:00 a.m. from different people and I listened to a lot of new music in the parallel. And then it came to the podcast tape, and luckily, things were going well and I find it interesting. The mix has 21 tracks, four of which are my new material that will break into more releases and an album and four tracks from Factuaw, ETRE, Alfij and Terence Terry, which we signed on our labels Elarum, ÉTÉ and Ouvert.” – Bronxy

feeder sound 264 mixed by Bronxy reveals an energetic and organic selection flavoured with engaging minimal cuts, electric house pieces as well as deeper rhythms and breakbeat. Here and there the spacious breakdowns add a cosmic vibration to the whole journey so enjoy with your volume up!


There are 106 sets that await your VOTE in the feeder sound Open Call for DJs so we encourage you to freely express your opinion by choosing your favourite 5 mixes!


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Words by AndreiB


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