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Hashplant owner Enivrèz Vous live set recorded during label showcase in Milan

Last updated on May 18th, 2019 at 05:50 am

Hashplant owner Enivrèz Vous live set recorded during label showcase in Milan

The Hashplant label owner Enivrèz Vous set during the Showcase in Milan at Temple the Lost Future in 9.02.2019

The fusion of two different artistic paths that meet and give life to a single way of making music that is able to stimulate the emotion of the listeners. Federico Mandelli & Albert hipman created this new music project for express their particular musical vision.
They have signed music in vinyl for Hashplant, Otomoji and Wood Imprint and then signed a digital release for Tzinah, Bodyparts and Kina music

  1. […] the first digital release by Enivréz Vous was introduced to Elarum‘s catalogue in May, the imprint returns with another amazing […]

  2. […] releases are now awaiting confirmation while the latest drop features Hashplant’s owners Enivrèz Vous dispatching some serious grooves with the “Anonymous […]

  3. […] themes into a mesmerising and hypnotic journey. Managed by Federico Mandelli and Albert Hipman aka Enivrèz Vous, Hashplant was founded in 2015 and since then it delivered top-notch music signed by Basti Grub, […]

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