premiere: Vlad Bretan – Neworld [PhonicHouse1]

Various Artists – LongPlay004 [PhonicHouse1]

feeder sound exclusive premiere: Vlad Bretan – Neworld [PhonicHouse1]

Check out the lates VA released by PhonicHouse1 and the premiere with Vlad Bretan.

Various Artists – LongPlay004 [PhonicHouse1]

Text provided by the label: This spring comes with something we already do the best out of it, the longplay004, being another extended album signed by producers that impress their music, not really with their names. The newcomers that inspire great talent and dedication target the evolution of music and its roots, letting everyone with a unique vision have the best possible chance to gain the industry’s attention. Therefore, we would like to request one best track but, as we are a label, we cannot know your most inner tastes, encouraging one of them, at least, with being written at the top of the list is somehow the best way to communicate this every time, the recommendation for our 4th long-play being one Vlad Bretan track.


1. [PNHLP004] Vlad Bretan – Neworld 09:08
2. [PNHLP004] Sumau – Rubbery 09:15
3. [PNHLP004] Puxumos – Orion 08:13
4. [PNHLP004] Lucide – Lakshmi 07:00
5. [PNHLP004] Bisz – Space Time 07:37
6. [PNHLP004] Sorin Milea – Pigment 08:07
7. [PNHLP004] Gabi.B – Supernova 07:10
8. [PNHLP004] Statik – Control Yourself 07:33
9. [PNHLP004] Maifaunu – Knowhow 11:03
10. [PNHLP004] BobCat – Pasaridenoapte 07:56
11. [PNHLP004] Enivrèz Vous – Biosphere 09:08
12. [PNHLP004] Austin – Rominimal 08:43
13. [PNHLP004] Felix – Darkish 06:13
14. [PNHLP004] I∅na – Manifest 08:57

Artists: Various Artists
Title: LongPlay004
Record label: PhonicHouse1
Cat. #: PNHLP004
Release date: 03.03.2021

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