feeder sound exclusive premiere: Robert Apetrei – Travelers of the future [Hashplant]

Robert Apetrei - Travelers of the future-[Hashplant] 01

feeder sound exclusive premiere: Robert Apetrei – Travelers of the future [Hashplant]

Local DJ and producer Robert Apetrei returns with another amazing EP, this time in collaboration with the well-known Italian imprint Hashplant managed by Federico Mandelli and Albert Hipman aka Enivrèz Vous. Titled “Travelers of the future”, the 12″ delivers three mind-bending productions designed with serious minimal vibes, hypnotic arrangements and complex sequences. This adds even more flavour to the artist’s extended discography, which, aside from his highly acclaimed works alongside Vlad Arapasu as Dubsons, includes materials dropped on labels like Alter Hour, UVAR, VSA Records, Lied and Cedesciu Wax.

Milan-based imprint Hashplant has been around since 2015 and consistently delivered amazing minimal-infused house or techno music to the people. Among the artists that left distinct fingerprint-sounds on their catalogue, we find Marco Cassanelli, Basti Grub, Moratu, Yaroslav Lenzyak, Dimitri Monev, Costin Rp, Silat Beksi, Mihigh, Vid and Leanca.

💥 Now, let’s dive into Robert’s inner musical universe with the title track “Travelers of the future” exclusively on feeder sound and explore HPR010 in more depth:

A solid wobbling bassline and an engaging drumming pattern open the track with a sustained energetic flow while the other elements slowly introduce themselves through carefully engineered rhythmic variations and short breaks in the percussion segment. The dynamic atmosphere is emphasised by numerous microlayers swirling around the core elements, while the subtle background textures drop a relentless tension-building effect.

On Side B “Far from home” reveals a more funky composition, designed with deep chords, hypnotic vocals and heavy laid-back flavours while the closing piece “Awareness” dispatches a prominent progressive arp to lead a more spacious design. Here, the breakdowns leave enough room for the ever-evolving pads to explore warm dimensions while the drums remain at a slower tempo.

Listen to the snippets below:

Grab your copy of Travelers of the future from deejay.de.

Artist: Robert Apetrei
Title: A1. Travelers of the future
Label: Hashplant
Cat. No.: HPR010
Release Date: 27.10.2020
Format: Vinyl-only

Words by: AndreiB

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