VA (Steve O’Sullivan, RQZ, Dot, Louiv) – HMV04 [Honne Music]

Various Artists - HMV04 [Honne Music]

VA (Steve O’Sullivan, RQZ, Dot, Louiv) – HMV04 [Honne Music]

The fourth Various Artists compilation brought forward by Honne Music‘s vinyl division features four minimalistic gems signed by Mosaic Records’ icon Steve O’Sullivan, local artist RQZ, Israelian producer Dotan Bibi aka Dot and experimentalist Louiv. There’s an impressive variety provided by this record, with rhythms going from deep and chilled microhouse to steady-paced tech cuts, all elegantly selected in order to provide smooth vibes for anyone, anywhere.

Honne Music was founded in 2017 and is based in Ensenada, Mexico. From there, the team behind the imprint connects to a worldwide audience through their digital and vinyl-only releases, underground events and constant dedication to the scene. The previous three records in their VA series featured artists like Lee Burton, Nico Maxen, Teluric, Iuly.B, Rowlanz and Melodie while on their digital playground we find Schime, Djosh, Enivrèz Vous and Chklte, among many many others.

Old-school teacher and legend Steve O’Sullivan opens the A-Side with “Keep Me Waiting”, a perfect example of how to express multiple feelings through music. Here, warm background arpeggios and pads elegantly intertwine with deep house flavours which can easily take the listener on a rollercoaster of emotions and daydreaming states of mind. Following, RQZ‘s “Blow Out” adds extra funky colours to the whole journey with the help of a driving drumming pattern carefully crafted alongside twisted effects, modulated vocals, a solid bassline and spacious breakdowns.

Side B opens with “Against All Odds” by Dot, revealing a dubby atmospheric ride designed with subtle progressive elements, a buffed tempo and stripped-down percussive sequences. The wobbling bassline morphs and twists as the track flows, adding a hypnotic dimension and an eerie feeling. Closing the VA, Honne family member Louiv unleashes “Thoughtful Moment”, an uplifting piece aimed at the dancefloor. The enveloping pads that go in and out of focus throughout the track can transport you to any memory no matter how remote it may be. A great addition to the 12″ collection right here!

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Artist: VA (Steve O’Sullivan, RQZ, Dot, Louiv)
Title: HMV04
Label: Honne Music
Cat. number: HMV04
Release date: 29.01.2021
Format: Vinyl-only

Words by AndreiB

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