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feeder sound exclusive premiere RQZ - Xanadu EP [Unic]

Last updated on April 3rd, 2019 at 12:23 am

feeder sound exclusive premiere: RQZ – Xanadu EP [Unic]

As the snow sets on Bucharest, we have a few secret gifts, so we invite you to stay tuned and check the feeder.ro page because more attractive things are coming up. Today we introduce an exceptional feeder sound exclusive premiere coming from Cluj-based RQZ, whose sets you’ve (hopefully) enjoyed at Midi, Mioritmic or Electric Castle.

The latest EP released by Australian-based label Unic is just out, and we are super excited to announce that you can experience the track Xanadu composed by RQZ, in full-length, exclusively on feeder sound. A fluid mixture of textures and patterns describing “that mysterious and idyllic place where nature rules supreme”. Glimmering vibrations playfully develop into a moody atmosphere, drawing an escalating physical response.

RQZ - Xanadu EP [unic]Xanadu EP contains three “transportive slices of minimalist techno” skillfully crafted by Romanian producer RQZ. The cover artwork designed by Juli Jah continues the story begun on the debut vinyl release by Unic, Visions EP, a VA completed by RQZ’s track “Conflicted”, alongside Dragutesku, Bryz and Silat Beksi, which is now collecting for a repress.

After a few collaborations with Unic, we‘ve learned that they are one of the few brands of the underground scene in Australia, hosting events and releasing music within the minimal spectrum. Keep a close eye on this label, managed by Hendrik & Elia based in Sydney.

Get your copy of Xanadu at deejay.de before they run out of stock.

Words by: random & ubic


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