feeder sound exclusive premiere Schime - High and Spacey

Last updated on April 1st, 2019 at 01:01 pm

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feeder sound exclusive premiere: Schime – High and Spacey

The Hungarian artist Sanyi Egyed aka Schime is well-known for his groovy atmospheric music, incorporating dub techno, deep tech and minimal. Dedicated to production and exploring the possibilities of electronic dance music, he’s been busy in the past few months, working and dispatching amazing tracks with various imprints, like Kootz Music, Dream Mode, Music & Life and HardCutz Records. He also recorded several podcasts for platforms like Deep Electronics, Negyednegy, Timelapse, ODT, deejay.de’s deejaycast series and our own feeder sound, of course.

Passionate about music since childhood, he’s inspired by nature and everything around him, his sound bringing forward intricate textures and solid rhythms, infused with contemporary techno patterns. Throughout time, he worked with labels like Vandalism Musique Group, Merger Music, Welter Records, Savvy Records, Whoyostro LTD, Vibe Experience, Vertigo Audio Recordings, Tilth Music Limited, OneSun Yellow and Async Records, to name only a few. Having secret ingredients like grainy layers and mesmerizing melodic sequences, his approach to music making is unique, as well as intriguing. As an artist, he can easily go from mellow and dubby sounds to more pounding and trippy tech, proving to be versatile and determined, creating an organic soundtrack for one’s emotions. He also enjoys support from various artists, with his tracks being played at parties in countries like Germany and Romania.

Last year Schime released his first 12” titled “Bad Dream EP” with Simple Things Records and “Ambient“, the B-Side of the wax, was heard as a premiere on feeder sound. It is time now to exclusively feature another track from him titled “High and Spacey”, a more uplifting composition made for dancing.

The track unfolds as a carefully balanced arrangement between a driving percussion, backed-up by a strong wobbling bassline and bright melodic motifs. In the background, you can hear subtle sci-fi effects and modulated voices, while warm long pads reverberate elegantly as the cut flows.

Enjoy! ✨



Words by: AndreiB


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