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Here at feeder.ro we love the underground culture and we’re always happy to discover new artists that create colourful and engaging musical journeys. This Friday we invite Pako to take us for a ride into uncharted dimensions with his inspiring selection.

Stefan Radu aka Pako is a Bucharest-based DJ with a strong and lasting passion for electronic music. He started mixing and collecting vinyl when he was very young and constantly worked on improving his skills and expanding his vision. His style is deeply rooted in the old-school Detroit techno and Chicago house movements to which eclectic and modern shades of minimal, microhouse, breakbeat and dub are elegantly included in order to always deliver complex narratives through his selections. He also finds inspiration in jazz, funk, hip-hop, trip-hop or other genres and from time to time he strays from the classic 4/4 rhythms, dropping lounge vibes or experimental fusions.

Throughout time, Pako performed at numerous events in places like Eden, Control, Motiv, Baraka, Manasia, Spatiu Tehnic, Molotov Vama Veche, Club Stereo and Club43 in the UK as well as Repeat Bar in Berlin, sharing the decks with artists like Fouchat, Gemini Bros, Giuser, Dragusin, Posh, Tomasan and Metafore, among others.

“Music is the only thing that stays when everything and everyone else is gone.”


feeder sound 290 mixed by Pako reveals an eclectic selection which includes smooth deep house vibes, dubby moments, twisted microhouse and several breakbeat-infused cuts you don’t hear every day. All the tracks are carefully picked, highlighting productions from rising and established artists alike (Addex, EM-WA Tanner, Andrey Pushkarev, Ion Ludwig, Joe Moan, Oyeme, Schime, Mai Iachetti), which morph into an organic musical journey perfect to start your weekend with. Enjoy with the volume up!

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Words by AndreiB

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