Decoq is back to present his "Isolement Ep" on Davotab

Decoq is back to present his “Isolement Ep” on Davotab

Decoq is back to present his “Isolement Ep” on Davotab.
The release consists in two dark techno tracks inspired by isolation and wild nature, fully made with analogue gears and with plenty of field recordings.
Dans Le Flux is the hardest and darkest one and features sounds sampled in Dolomites mountains in North-western Italy.
On the other hand Secrets Soupirs was conceived as an outburst after a hard period of illness and delivers sounds of nature, birds, trees and animals in the woods.
New old-school feelings, noisy percussions, memories of dark and smoky warehouses from ’90s rave scene, warm basses and fast grooves.
Out on April 10th on Davotab!

Words by Reach Promo


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