feeder sound exclusive premiere: Alfij – Anticipation [Elarum]

Alfij - Anticipation [Elarum] 01

feeder sound exclusive premiere: Alfij – Anticipation [Elarum]

After the first digital release by Enivréz Vous was introduced to Elarum‘s catalogue in May, the imprint returns with another amazing material in the form of “Moscow Morning EP” by Alexander Kornienko aka Alfij. The four-tracker is available on Bandcamp and offers a distinct minimal vibration perfect for both peak time moments and the afterhours at any kind of party. Run by Bronxy, the label is well-known for dispatching solid 12” EPs from the likes of iO (Mulen), Kirik, Tolga Top, Sonartek, Gorbani, Dimitri Monev, Olivian Nour, Jeremy Weeks and Felipe Venegas, among others.

Alfij is a Russian DJ and producer who made his debut in 2016 on Blind Vision Records and continuously delivered original tracks and remixes for Innocent Music, Capodopere, Conceptual Records, Engineer, Ouvert, Bla Bla, Cachai, Whyostro, Plant 74, Other Thoughts Records and Aenaria Music, to name a few. His sound incorporates various shades of house and techno music, going from the deeper aspects to straight pumping rhythms.

💥 Let’s get groovy with “Anticipation” from his latest release exclusively on feeder sound:

The cut kicks in with a steady-paced drumming pattern and a solid bassline, announcing a sound designed for the dancefloor. The other elements are slowly introduced through spacious build-ups, while an alluring synth sequence remains in focus, creating a hypnotic sensation. Best enjoyed with the volume up!

While “Anticipation” provides a more energetic sound, the other tracks explore deeper rhythms and textures. The title track “Moscow Morning” flows with organic melodies and numerous variations, “Third Year” reveals a trippy, breakbeat-infused minimalistic ride and “Ksenia” drops a quirky, slow-paced arrangement. We invite you to fully discover the EP and grab your copy from Bandcamp.


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Artist: Alfij
Title: Anticipation / Moscow Morning EP
Label: Elarum
Cat. No.: ELD002
Release Date: 08.06.2020
Format: Digital


Words by: AndreiB


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