VA (Vern, Macarie, Dark Syndicate, Techu) – PNHVN001 [PhonicHouse1 Records]

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Various Artists (Vern, Macarie, Dark Syndicate, Techu) – PNHVN001 [PhonicHouse1 Records]

Romanian label PhonicHouse1 announces its first pressing to arrive soon in the form of an amazing Various Artists compilation featuring four fresh cuts signed by local artists Vern, Macarie, Seesif & Etc.u aka Dark Syndicate and Techu. Based in Brașov, the imprint is well-known in the underground community for quite some time now, having organised several events before the pandemic while constantly adding musical delights to its extended digital catalogue. Among the producers who previously collaborated with PhonicHouse1 we find Vlad Bretan, Pattern Tusk, Sakdat & Balaur, Anas M, Sorin Milea, Maifaunu, Enivrèz Vous, Lumieux, Bucurie, Priest, Farid Odilbekov and Havvoc, among many others.

The artwork for the sleeve is edited by Nicoleta Stoican after an original photo by IRLO and Alex Baciu which captures a part of the largest mural painting in Brașov’s old town centre, made by the two visual artists in November 2019. There are numerous other street art interventions in the area that you can locate and visit with the help of our Un-hidden map.

Side A opens with “Sirius” by Vern, dropping a warm uplifting minimal sound flavoured with subtle progressive influences. The spacious breakdowns go hand in hand with the prominent drumming patterns, twisted background themes and spiralling effects, making this piece perfect for breezy summer afterhours. Following, Macarie reveals “Funky Dope Maneuver”, a more energetic and swinging rhythm set at around 128 bpm. The electric insertions and the groovy arrangements here are aimed for peak-time moments at any kind of party.

On Side B we first find “Transcendence” by Dark Syndicate, a solid composition that also explores the subtle progressive aspects of modern electronic music. The thundering bassline and synth arpeggios are elegantly complemented by numerous layers that come in and out of focus, creating a surreal narrative. Closing, Techu presents “Dystopia”, a quirky rhythm infused with wobbling sounds carefully balanced by twisted sequences and hypnotic rotating elements. A highly recommended record right here for collectors and selectors alike!

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Artists: VA (Vern, Macarie, Dark Syndicate, Techu)
Title: PNHVN001
Label: PhonicHouse1 Records
Cat. number: PNHVN001
Release date: TBA
Format: Vinyl-only

Words by AndreiB

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