VA (Herck, Denis Andreev & Vadim Oslov, Hipp & Greenn, Ckb) – FRTLTD001 []

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VA (Herck, Denis Andreev & Vadim Oslov, Hipp & Greenn, Ckb) – FRTLTD001 []

The first vinyl-only instalment to arrive from the well-known platform reveals a Various Artists compilation signed by Herck, Denis Andreev & Vadim Oslov, Hipp & Greenn and Ckb. Founded by Beckhäuser and Daznev, the imprint functions as a community label overviewed by a group of Brazilian friends who share a common passion for electronic music and is proudly devoted to its members, providing them with unique experiences. Focused on featuring artists with exquisite musical identities no boundaries are to be set, allowing for expansion and growth in every way possible. also runs a solid ongoing podcast series and a digital releases division, showcasing rising and established artists from all over the world. Among the artists that so far collaborated with the label we find Brent, Etc.u, Razvan Iuga, Mormeci, Havvoc, Enivrèz Vous, Son of Elita, Gabriel Magdelani, CL-ljud, Bread&Butter, Vlad Ivva and Nicolas Bouzas, among many others. Constantly experimenting and evolving, FRTLTD001 was designed to share distinct experiences and musical inspirations. With the goal of bringing abstract music to the dancefloor, each track features a unique identity and a peculiar sonic approach.

Side A opens with Herck‘s “Freakyleaky”, a stripped-down rhythm constructed in tone with the artist’s eerie fingerprint sound to which subtle funky arrangements and wobbling effects are added. The narrative and the breakdowns also reveal twisted arrangements and random trippy insertions. Following, Denis Andreev and Vadim Oslov team up for “432 Hz”, a solid minimal rhythm that rotates with a hypnotic flow spiced by abstract elements, intricate cuts and heavily modulated samples.

On the flipside we first find “Rau Necesar” by Hipp and Greenn which seems to continue the story of A2, going even further into uncharted minimal dimensions. Here, the steady-paced drumming patterns are complemented by numerous distorted vocals that create a haunting atmosphere, perfect for dimly lighted dancefloors. Closing the wax, “Axis Mundi” by Ckb drops a driving techy sound powered by complex rhythmic elements, ever-evolving background textures and quirky variations.

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Artists: Herck, Denis Andreev & Vadim Oslov, Hipp & Greenn, Ckb
Title: FRTLTD001
Cat. number: FRTLTD001
Release date: 05.07.2021
Format: Vinyl-only

Words by AndreiB

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