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This September slick minimal master, Nima Gorji and close companion Shoxy create the ‘Malaga Stories’ with Valentino Kanzyani providing a remix. Of course on the prolific NG Trax label, a hub for classy underground music.

We asked boss of the label Nima Gorji his top 5 remixes…

1. Daniel Sanchez & Amo – Oh Yah (Rich Nxt Remix) NG Trax 

“Rich Nxt for me has a special London sound that defined Fuse during the years I know him. He delivers exactly what I was expecting.”

2. Shoxy & Nima Gorji – Los Montes (Valentino Kanzyani Remix) NG Trax

“I particularly like the dark bass line in this remix that reminds me of Valentino’s old school techno style with a modern house drum work.”

3. Miroloja – Shifou Me (C.S.R aka Cesar Merveille Remix) NG Trax

“Cesar Merveille remix is driven by his new modular sound that gives this groovy and minimal touch.”

4. Halo Varga & Petar Cvetkovic Feat.Cess – In da Groove ( Sublee Remix) NG Trax

“Sublee remix is an absolute Romanian gem from another planet. Love it!”

5. Innersphere – Phunk (Ricardo Villalobos Remix) Intacto 

“Ricardo’s remix is as usual a masterpiece. Something for ever.” 

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