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Hummingbird boss Benjamin Philippe Zulauf delivers his five favourite remixes ahead of the release of Part 1 of the Introspective VA release on the label commemorating nine years of the label, a combination of new and old releases…

1. Simon Li – Hong Kong (Akufen Remix)

I think this is good enough place to start with the very first release from my label, a track by Simon Li which is accompanied by a remix from the ever talented Marc Leclair aka Akufen. I remember our phone conversation at the time about what the mix should be and saying to him go with your gut and do what ever you feel that you think makes this mix yours, what ever makes it right…’. Well, it’s been a few years now since it’s released but every time I hear it, I get this big smile on my face.

2. Hiver – Teasel (tobias. Remix)

This is a tune I’ve had a while now in my box and one I always turn to in a set. I’ve always been attracted to songs that evoke an emotion and then build on it with an intensity. The journey is really important to me in any DJ set and none come sweeter than this remix by tobias.. If I had to describe the words ‘seriously cool’ and ‘with attitude’ with a song, this would be my choice for each, it feels timeless.

3. Kirk Degiorgio – Membrane (C2 Remix)

For my third remix, we amp up the pace a little with Carl Craig’s remix of Kirk Degiorgio. I like a few C2’s remixes so its always tough to pick the favourite, but this one gets the juices flowing every time, proper deep Detroit techno, full of detail but built upon subtle restraint, you can feel the years of experience behind the tight groove and electric atmospherics, there’s a proper steeliness about it and that makes it so special.

4. New Build – Luminous Freedom (rRoxymore Remix)

I wanted to include rRoxymore in this as she’s one artist I am currently following closely both for her productions and DJ mixes, she has a really good selection and brings an influence of sounds from many corners of the world. It is so refreshing and I think an important element needed as we’re moving forward with electronic music. This mix is her at her very best, boundless expression, experiment and cultural references, pure melting pot of sound.

5. Luke Slater – Love (Burial Remix)

We arrive at the final pick, so why not end on a recently new release from an incredible remix EP full of incredible mixes. The artist I have chosen is one I have a deep respect for, ever since his inaugural LP, and what could one hope for than a remix of a long serving talent like Luke Slater than a remix from Burial. Audio porn, just everything you love with Burial is on show here, melancholia in full flight, I just resonate with this mix so much and it gets replayed a bunch of times, this is what music is all about.

Introspections Part 1 out on Hummingbird by Benjamin Phillipe Zulauf – August 19th

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