Vinyl Speed Adjust – Perspectiva EP [Animae]

Vinyl Speed Adjust – Perspectiva EP [Animae]

The Romanian duo Vinyl Speed Adjust returns with fresh tracks, this time delivered by Animae in a limited vinyl-only format. Titled “Perspectiva EP”, the release features two original cuts and a remix signed by label owner Fabrizio Sala.

With artists like Christopher Ledger, Randaru and Giuliano Lomonte providing sweet vibes to Animae’s catalogue, this EP arrives to stand as an argument for the imprint’s fine taste is electronic dance music. Vinyl Speed Adjust are known for their versatility and talent when it comes to music making and mixing. Being a strong presence on both local and international scenes for some years now, the two developed a distinct sound, with the core being house or techno rhythms. Various other influences from a vast dimension of music blends in, to which a personal touch is applied. With works released by their own publishing platforms Crystal Structures and VSA Records, as well as Hourglass LTD, Visionquest, Pressure Traxx, Body Parts and Moral Fiber, to name a few, the duo steps in 2019 with energy as you can already pre-order this EP.

Side A features “Dissonant Frames”, a groovy driving rhythm flavoured with playful notes and eerie sounds that evolve into catchy patterns. Focusing on the percussion, the cut builds tension with intricate arrangements while the tempo is set for dancing. On the flipside “Low Armonics” unfolds as a hypnotic sound, ready to sweep the frequencies with its strong bassline, vibrant percussion and mesmerising background textures. From long and subtle pads to out of this world effects and vocal samples, this track is designed to amaze. On the remix, Fabrizio Sala unleashes his creativity, taking the original cut into a funky and minimalistic direction while adding an exotic feeling to it. A lush and pumping bassline, melodic elements and modulated vocals are the spices he uses for this re-interpretation, showcasing his vision of modern electronic music as well as the concept behind Animae.Vinyl Speed Adjust - Perspectiva EP [Animae] back

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Artist: Vinyl Speed Adjust
Title: Perspectiva EP
Label: Animae
Cat. number: ANIMAELTD006
Release date: 15.01.2019
Format: Vinyl-only


Words by AndreiB


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