Vinyl Speed Adjust – Reflections EP [Vinyl Speed Adjust]

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Vinyl Speed Adjust – Reflections EP [Vinyl Speed Adjust]

Vinyl Speed Adjust return to their self-titled imprint with 2 original tracks on VSA003, titled Reflections EP. With releases on Visionquest, Drumma Records, Pressure Traxx, Jesus Loved You and Bodyparts the Romanian duo explores the boundaries of minimal techno and house and their music is supported by the likes of Ricardo Villalobos, Rhadoo, Pedro, Raresh [a:rpia:r], Barac, Luciano, Ryan Crosson and Valentino Kanzyani, to name just a few.

Owners of Crystal Structures and VSA Records, the duo is also focused on releasing eclectic sounds, beyond trends and the passing waves of one genre or another.

Leading with the pulsating “We Do Not Belong Here”, the A-Side seamlessly embodies Vinyl Speed Adjust‘s trademark minimal groove from start to finish. Meanwhile, on the B-Side, “Reflections” delivers an enchanting contrast in listening experience, cultivating a much more melodic and emotive ambience. With the distinct intricacies of both tracks crafted using a custom-built analogue rack-synth, there is no disputing the guys’ unique aptitude for exploring the enigmatic sides of electronic music.

“When we create we don’t follow a particular algorithm, sometimes everything starts from a simple idea which evolves in tune with our feelings; other times we have a recording session where we use the machines and adjust everything for the final result” – feeder insider w/ Vinyl Speed Adjust

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Artist: Vinyl Speed Adjust
Title: Reflections EP
Label: Vinyl Speed Adjust
Cat. number: VSA003
Release date: 07.03.2018
Format: Vinyl-only

Words by AndreiB


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