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Last updated on May 18th, 2019 at 03:50 am

We’re excited to exclusively premiere “Redesign VIII” and also to have a closer listen to Melodie’s latest album “Redesigns”. Let’s dive in!

Melodie returns with fresh eight re-interpretations of previously released tracks, edited in a high-quality digital format and available only via his Bandcamp page. After dispatching “Acid Breakfst” and “Acid Saturday” in a newly re-mastered digital version earlier this year, the increased demand for his vinyl cuts determined him to make them available more easily. Titled “Redesigns”, the album features a mesmerizing collection of works, including an alternative edit of the classic “Dimension X”.

Cristi Tudorache is well-known for his relentless activity in the electronic dance music scene, with a career that spans for more than ten years. Being one of the most talented and appreciated producers and DJs from Romania, he always delivers smooth and groovy rhythms that pass the test of time. Designed with a clean minimalistic style, his music incorporates warm textures and melodic landscapes, as well as elegant percussion and carefully crafted basslines. Having a distinct sound, throughout the years Melodie brought-forward amazing releases in collaboration with record labels like Metereze, Rora, Rackmizar, Cakeman Records and Cinetic Art. With a passion for mixing as well, he travels the world enchanting crowds at parties and festivals with his stunning selections. He shared the decks with artists like Raresh, Richie Hawtin, Adriatique, Derek, Vinyl Speed Adjust, Priku, Ame, Sebastian Mullaert, Nazt, and many others.

“Redesign VIII” reveals a hypnotic sound, infused with alluring whirling synths, delayed effects, spacious textures and a deep, yet engaging rhythm. The cut is taken from “Redesigns”, an album that aims to make previously vinyl-only releases available in quality digital format, with a subtle touch added. Listen to the whole-length track on feeder sound:

With Roman numerals designated to each redesign, the album steadily builds tension as the tracks seem to create a flowing stream of colorful sounds and melodies. Composed with a minimal house and techno patterns, to which various exotic influences are assigned, the music expresses introspective and melancholic feelings, while maintaining an energetic vibe provided by the percussion. From I to VIII, the edits are a delight to listen to and stand as an argument for the artist’s versatility and unique approach to modern electronic music.

“Redesigns” is available in digital format on the artist’s official Bandcamp page.


Artist: Melodie
Title: Redesigns
Label: Self-Released
Release date: 14.02.2019
Format: Digital


Words by AndreiB


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