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Let’s get ready for the weekend with the vibrant selection delivered by our guest for this episode of feeder sound, Dieru!

Diego Arguelles aka Dieru is a versatile DJ, a talented producer and a passionate promoter of quality electronic dance music. In 2017 he founded Honne Music in the city of Ensenada, Baja California, one of the first underground labels in northern Mexico. This venture developed into an international platform that brought many talented artists together, behind the decks and in the studio as well. The first vinyl release was dispatched earlier this year and included tracks from Rowlanz, Birdsmakingmachine, Melodie and Diego himself alongside Ricardo Mejia on the production. The second vinyl was recently announced and packs fresh cuts from Teluric, Paulo & Oboe, Iuly.B, Laboratori OTK & Rufus.

Dieru is well-known for his solid minimalistic style, infused with subtle dark undertones, deep atmospheres and engaging rhythms. He collaborated with imprints like Re.Face, Depth Over Distance, Na Zrak Records, Overall Music, Moral Fiber, Kina Music, Heisenberg and Recycle Records. His productions enjoyed support from the likes of Barac, Javier Carballo, Faster and Arapu, while his performances delighted numerous people on various dancefloors, as he knows how to connect with the crowd and create magical moments. Let’s dive in his musical universe and get groovy with his sounds, recorded live at one of the hottest underground venues in Mexico, Dynamitas Club.

feeder sound 233┬ámixed by Dieru reveals an engaging and immersive selection that incorporates solid frequency sweepers, deep techy rhythms and quirky minimal cuts. The tracks elegantly flow one into another building tension with ease while maintaining a steady-paced vibe throughout the whole set. The journey is sure inspiring so adjust the volume of your speakers and let the weekend begin! ­čöŐ


Dieru on soundcloud | facebook | Honne Music
feeder sound on soundcloud | feeder.ro


Words by AndreiB


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