feeder sound exclusive premiere: Bucurie – Visible Things [Depth Over Distance]

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feeder sound exclusive premiere: Bucurie – Visible Things [Depth Over Distance]

After the release of three amazing EPs delivered by Eversines, McGregor and Dieru, Amsterdam-based record label Depth Over Distance announces “Nostromo EP” signed by local artist Bucurie to arrive in March or April 2020. The wax also includes a remix of the title track dropped by Italian DJ and producer Viceversa, known for his releases with Eastenderz, Point Of View, Rowle as well as his eponymous imprint. Every pressing of the EP will have a 100% unique combination of different colours, marbling and transparency, making each record one of a kind.

Bucurie is a mysterious character, yet his music became highly appreciated since he put out his very first tracks on his official Bandcamp page. His distinct approach to modern electronica includes lush atmospheres, driving percussive elements and progressive arrangements, all carefully crafted in order to inspire and make people rejoice when hearing and dancing on his sounds. Aside from his self-released materials he also collaborated with Otaku Records where he dispatched “Everglow EP” in 2018.

💥 Let’s dive in deeper into his creative universe with B2. “Visible Things” exclusively on feeder sound:

The track reveals a dreamy sound dimension designed with progressive influences and uncanny arrangements, ready to delight any dancefloor. The percussive pattern features a prominent snare and a solid bassline that flow steadily over bright ever-evolving background textures and numerous synth notes while leaving room for spacious build-ups.

Opening the EP we find “Lights Will Guide You”, a deep and futuristic composition which brings into focus a heavily modulated vocal sample that elegantly blends with the other layers, creating an eerie effect which reverberates throughout the whole release. Next, the title track “Nostromo” slightly raises the tempo, providing a more engaging vibration crafted with harmonic sequences and subtle dubby chords while on the flipside Viceversa’s remix takes the original to a psychedelic realm built with warm arpeggios and vast breakdowns that feel just like a summer breeze.

Nostromo EP will soon be available in a limited number of copies so make sure you grab yours from here.


Artist: Bucurie
Title: B2. Visible Things / Nostromo EP
Label: Depth Over Distance
Cat. number: DOD444
Release Date: March/April 2020
Format: Vinyl-only


Words by: AndreiB


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