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Get ready to dive into a mesmerising selection of deep and tech house music delivered by Jay Bliss and watch out for a new contest!┬á­čÄü

Bucharest-based DJ and producer┬áIulian Cazan aka Jay Bliss is a well-known presence in the electronic dance music scene with an intense activity dedicated to his labels Vade Mecum and Stomping Grounds. His journey starts back in the late ’90s in Sibiu, where he used to organise underground raves and co-own Electrique Boutique, the country’s first ever record store. Experimenting with mixing and music-making was natural for him and in a short period of time, he manages to bring forward amazing releases as well as perform delightful sets.

He was also a part of Hermannstadt Collective alongside Mihai Popoviciu and Toygun while his discography includes collaborations with Momentum, Smoke City Music, Fear Of Flying and Autoreply Music. Recently, he’s been busy publishing some seriously strong EPs from┬áAltitude, Merv and Mark Thibideau on behalf of Vade Mecum, bringing forward amazing deep and dub techno sounds. Over at Stomping Grounds, he worked with Vid aka Egal3, Vlad Radu and┬áDiscret Popescu┬áaka Crihan, while the latest VA includes┬áDragos Ilici and Tommy Vicari jnr as V.I.C.A.R.I.

You can catch Jay Bliss playing at Club Eden in Bucharest on the 14th June and stay tuned as we’re cooking up a contest for you to win a mysterious vinyl and an invitation for two at the party!┬áԝʭčö« Until then enjoy this week’s episode of feeder sound podcast series to set the pace to what’s coming:

feeder sound 217 mixed by Jay Bliss includes an elegant selection of deep and organic cuts as well as dancefloor groovers flavoured with melodic moments and engaging percussive patterns. The set was recorded at Sunwaves 25 earlier this year so expect to hear amazing rhythms and immersive modulations. Enjoy and stay tuned for the party!

Here’s a short preview from his performance at the festival:


Jay Bliss on soundcloud | facebook | Vade Mecum | Stomping Grounds
feeder sound on soundcloud | feeder.ro


Words by AndreiB


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