feeder sound 194 mixed by Cristina

feeder sound 194 mixed by Cristina

Ready to move your body? Dive in the hypnotic house and techno rhythms provided by Cristina!

Born in the lovely port town 2 Mai by the Black Sea shore, Cristina was used to electronic music since childhood since her father was active in this field. She made her first contact with the players at the age of 14 and shortly after she started playing at a local summer club. During that time she also graduated from a singing school.

Her first official gig was at the Zebra club in Bacau, where many artists who left their mark on the Romanian underground scene have started their careers. In 2006 she moves to Bucharest and expands her DJ activity here. She acquires 12 years of experience, playing in a lot of clubs and being resident at Silver Afterhours, with the first 3 years being the most active ones.

After staying in the shadows for a while Cristina returns, flirting with music production and showcasing her own sound, full of emotion and happiness. In December 2016 she collaborates with Arms Limited for the release of her first EP “Zbor Maiastru” and in September 2017 Cisne Negro Records from Chile dispatches “Love Dimension”. In that period she also becomes a part of the highsounds.ro team, a local agency that promotes DJs and music producers alike.

She says that music means Evolution, Knowledge and Love.

“The tracks from this set were played at a small party, surrounded by close and dear friends, somewhere in a wonderful place in Romania up in the mountains. Everybody was excited and danced the night away so I thought to rebuild the mix and present it to a wider audience. I hope to move as many souls as possible! Thank you, kisses!” – Cristina

feeder sound 194 mixed by Cristina is a 2h groovy journey that goes through a variety of styles, from microhouse and minimal to deep tech and pumping techno rhythms. Smoothly blended, the selection delivers pure energy, as well as introspective states of mind. A vibrant kick-start for this weekend!

Enjoy! 🚀

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Words by AndreiB


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