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Lizz – Wet Socks [Windmühle]

“Wet Socks” EP, signed by Romanian artist Lizz, marks pressing number three in the catalogue of Windmühle Records. This 12” continues what the label has set out to present its listeners with, and that is an aesthetically-pleasing music fueled by a very engaging rhythm. A wicked 12”, this wax will have your hips moving in seconds!

Petre Valentin aka Lizz is one of the most acclaimed producers and DJs coming from the Romanian underground electronic music scene. His distinct sound incorporates groovy house or techno percussion, spiced-up with melodic patterns, playful textures and subtle experiments, glitches, and minimalistic sequences. His selections as a DJ are always dynamic and his productions have been published by imprints like Leone Music, Sleep is Commercial, Eastenderz, Melodrome, Acmé, Why So Series and UVAR, to name a few. Present at major parties and festivals, his career is on a constant ascension, and his beautiful arrangements will surely enchant us for years to come. He also dispatched a serious number of remixes and shared the decks with Cosmjn, Mihai Pol, Mihigh, tINI, Topper, and many other local and international artists.

Side A features the title track, “Wet Socks”, a driving minimal techy rhythm, that will capture your imagination with its progression. The signature sound unfolds a catchy pad, immersive and prominent, as the background textures smoothly blend in with the flowing percussion. Side B reveals “Fq Guitar”, which delivers deep and melancholic vibes through its relaxed arrangement, yet build on an uplifting note. The supporting effects provide an alluring balance, as the cut is designed with a strong beat. An amazing combination, both tracks tell a story while sticking to the eclectic sound of Windmühle Records. Yet another must-have, a serious piece of minimal tech, infused with an exotic sound, ready to deliver groovy moments!

Grab your copy of Wet Socks at 🧦✨🔊


Artist: Lizz
Title: Wet Socks
Label: Windmühle
Cat. number: WML003
Release date: 25.10.2018
Format: Vinyl-only


Words by AndreiB


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