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Lizz – Endz011 [Eastenderz]

Lizz is back with yet another wild release at the well known Eastenderz record label, in this way keeping himself on the rise, not only on the romanian techno scene but all over the world as well. Always on the move, he delivers excellent music, both as a Dj as well as an established music producer.

Endz011 is released as a vinyl-only treat and has 2 beautiful stories to tell. Side A, “Ions Move“, is an uplifting and dance-designed track with an ever-increasing atmosphere to it, while Side B, “Mystical Sayings” is chill and perfect for after-hours.

Lizz - Endz011 - sleeve

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Artist: Lizz
Title: Endz011
Label: Eastenderz
Cat. number: Endz011 
Release date: 29.11.2016
Format: Vinyl-only

Words by AndreiB

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