Giash – Meie EP [Why So Series]

Giash – Meie EP [Why So Series]

Hungarian producer, performer and DJ Bertalan Baglyas aka Giash drops wax number six in the catalogue of Why So Series, Nu Zau‘s playful imprint. Titled “Meie EP”, the 12” delivers three steaming minimal techno tracks, flavoured with deep and melodic patterns.

It’s been almost three years since Nu Zau founded Why So Series and artists like Lumieux, Derek Carr, Diferit, Lizz, Rojid and Sublee made sure the label provides quality releases. Joining in, Giash adds to the vibe, as his music features an elegant blend of house and techno rhythms mixed with mesmerizing atmospheric textures and experimental motifs.

With releases on labels like Archipel, Norse Projekt, Plaisir Records, Fabric, Susur and Apotek, to name a few, Giash proves to be a versatile artist. The colourful culture and the vivid electronic music scene of Berlin draw him there, providing the perfect place to discover and experiment with production and mixing. Over the years he develops a unique style, characterized by a fusion of minimalistic techy percussion seasoned with alluring soundscapes. The following thought motivates him in his musical career:

“Quality is important because it gives people a legitimate reason to become excited”. – Giash

As a continuously evolving artist, he’s interested in new things that seem old and old things that seem new. His music goes along the main direction while receding the old standards and leading towards new destinations. It creates channels which can take you beyond the material world if you are up to it. “Meie EP” makes no difference.

Side A features the title track “Meie”, a vibrant composition revealing omnipresent pads and effects morphing into organic textures, all balanced by a steady stripped-down percussion. The intricate glitched elements and the subtle bassline blend in smoothly, as the background structures deliver a hypnotic sequence. On the flipside, B1 “Sailere” delivers a relaxed and dreamy atmosphere, with long and deep chords that create the story. The crisp and grainy percussion elements combined with the melancholic minimalism of the core rhythms leave room for your imagination to venture into ephemeral thoughts. Next, there’s B2 titled “Eeder”, a more introspective cut with wobbling sounds and deep piano keys in focus. The note in which this track is designed offers a fitting closing for this EP and an insight into the artist’s creativity and inner worlds.

giash - meie ep [why so series] sleeve

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Artist: Giash
Title: Meie EP
Label: Why So Series
Cat. number: WSS006
Release date: 28.02.2018
Format: Vinyl-only


Words by AndreiB


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