Mihigh – Feint Of Heart EP Review

Mihigh – Feint Of Heart EP

Eliptic is the creation of Julian and Fengda Carissa. Founded in late 2016, the Bucharest bound record label is a complete concept. The two head honchos paint a dazed picture through their Eliptic label, with the tracks being on the murkier and dazzled side of the musical spectrum. Fused and driven by minimal clatters, the vinyl only record label is here to leave its mark on the minimally immersed Bucharest scene.

With two releases under the Eliptic imprint already out into the world, the label takes a more limited approach for their third release EPILLTD001. Signing the “slow burner” is none other than Midi Club resident Mihigh with his Feint of Heart EP.

Mihigh has slowly but surely won the hearts of the Romanian public by enriching his sets with obscure minimal sounds and making no exception between old and new records. A constant presence at Midi Club ever since 2007 ensured the development of an unique musical storyline for the club resident. He is also leading the charge with MRR (Midi Records Romania) that saw notable releases right from the start with the likes of Barac, Priku, Arapu or Sepp signing the first release. Now part of the Sunrise Booking Agency, Mihigh is acclaimed outside his home turf, turning heads in places such as Fabric, Robert Johnson or Sonar Festival in Spain.

“Dim” kicks of Feint of Heart EP with a bewildering analogy of hypnotic wobbles and a gloomy minimal roll giving it a straight to the dance floor emblem. “Silence” on the other hand, maintains the hypnotic atmosphere of Feint of Heart‘s story and draws up a more subtle infuse of murky dark sounds into the track. The roll of the track is dimmed down as the samples girth a distorted plummeting the track to a minimal chant.

Grab your Feint Of Heart copy at deejay.de

Artist: Mihigh
Title: Feint Of heart
Label: Eliptic
Cat. number: ELIPLTD001
Release date: 06.07.2017
Format: Vinyl–only
Words by: Vlad Hatze


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