feeder sound 392 with DoubtingThomas live at Folklor

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This Friday we invite you to enjoy the thrilling sound of DoubtingThomas showcasing a recording of his live set at club Folklor.

The French-born artist Aurelien Riviere aka DoubtingThomas has been steadily growing a reputation for himself since the ’90s, experimenting with a wide spectrum of genres, from ambient, downtempo, trip-hop and jazz to breakbeat, house and techno. By incorporating his own field recordings into his productions, he is able to create the ethereal and melodic sounds for which he’s becoming more widely acknowledged. It is his live sets, however, that have been the driving force behind his growing profile over recent years, allowing him to emanate the same mood and feeling as his DJ sets and original compositions. “I consider myself more of a musician at heart“, he explains.

With a tireless work ethic and a focus on creation rather than infamy, DoubtingThomas published some of his works independently while some were released on key underground labels like Eastenderz, Dokutoku, Ubiyu, Subtil, Gaazol, Little Helpers, No Time For Love, Magnetic, Metroline Limited, Organic Music and Mayak.

feeder sound 392 live with DoubtingThomas was recorded at Folklor in Switzerland and perfectly captures the artist’s vision of modern electronic music. Infused with vibrant rhythms and textures, warm synth melodies, dubby effects and organic transitions, the journey spirals into a hypnotic session perfect to warm you up for the upcoming weekend so adjust the volume of your speakers and enjoy with the volume up.

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Words by AndreiB

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