Vlad Arapasu – 2 exclusive tracks for the “Explorări artistice ale spațiului public”

Explorari artistice ale spatiului public x Vlad Arapasu - EASP002 articol

Vlad Arapasu produce two exclusive tracks for the Explorări artistic ale spațiului public” street art exhibition at Lente

Joining the artists directly involved in the Explorări artistice ale spațiului public project, local DJ, producer and label owner Vlad Arapasu delivers two exclusive tracks announcing the upcoming street art exhibition, scheduled for the 20th of October at Lente (Dionisie Lupu 78, 1st floor). At the exhibition, you will have the chance to watch Coon One painting a large canvas, while Tulbure will play an experimental set. More info about the exhibition soon!

The tracks are designed by Vlad Arapașu in different genres in order to capture the multiple possibilities that arise when exploring urban themes. From dynamic rhythmic movements to more settled narratives, the music captures the scenery of the city, translated into “Chimichurri” and “Shaper”.

Rooted in minimal techno and spiced with subtle flavours of breakbeat and dub, “Chimichurri” reveals a steady-paced composition focused on ever-evolving distorted chords, intriguing arrangements, twisted effects and an overall energetic feeling. The mechanics of the layers and the aesthetic of the sound transpose to morph urban landscapes and resonating soundscapes.

In contrast, “Shaper” brings forward a grounded sonic journey powered by pulsating notes and effects, shuffling IDM beats, spacious atmospheres and indistinguishable field recordings running in the background. The experimental approach aims to explore a more abstract sound dimension inspired by shapes and motion.

Last year Vlad Arapasu guested one of our LIVE streaming events alongside graphic artist John Dot S, recorded a streaming episode for our podcast series and made several appearances on our exclusive premieres and EP Review columns with his releases on Vivus Records, Unic, AtipicLab and his own venture Kontent, among others.

Brought forward through Save or Cancel and co-financed by Bucharest City Hall through ArCub within the “Affective Bucharest 2022” programme, the project aims to deliver a series of street art workshops with John Dot S, Serebe, SANDi & Octav Avramescu, guided tours, an open call and an artistic intervention co-produced by Dan Andrei (soundtrack) & Aeul (mural painting) and one exhibition, all with free access. All those activities propose to promote street art through the exploration of public spaces in Romania’s capital city neighbourhoods.

The content of this material does not necessarily represent the official position of Bucharest City Hall or ARCUB. For detailed information about the financing program, you can access www.arcub.ro.

Partners: Bucharest Metropolitan Library, Lente, Igloo, Zeppelin, The Institute, IQads, Revista Atelierul, Teen Press, Revista Golan, La pas prin Brașov, Book Hub, Modernism.ro, Litera9, Propagarta

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