Pisica Pătrată, Robert Obert, John Dot S & Popescool – Ukrainica

Pisica Pătrată, Robert Obert, John Dot S & Popescool - Ukrainica

Discover the anti-war street art intervention titled Ukrainica, made by Pisica Pătrată, Robert Obert, John Dot S & Popescool

During the Spanish civil war, the city of Guernica was heavily bombarded. In response to the war atrocities, Pablo Picasso painted a large canvas titled Guernica. The artwork remains until this time one of the most powerful anti-war paintings in history.

Today, during the war in Ukraine, four Romanian artists, Pisica PătratăRobert ObertJohn Dot S și Popescool, joined together to make a reinterpretation of Picasso‘s painting.

They glued the large paste-up composed of four different fragments, each made by a different artist.

The artwork is titled Ukrainica and it can be seen at the intersection of the Carol I avenue x Paleologu street.

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