Vlad Arapasu – Vesica Piscis EP [Unic]

Vlad Arapasu - Vesica Piscis EP [Unic] 01

Vlad Arapasu – Vesica Piscis EP [Unic]

The forth vinyl-only instalment delivered by the Australian imprint Unic sees local DJ and producer Vlad Arapasu bringing forward three complex and high-end minimal techno tracks in the form of “Vesica Piscis EP”. Inspired by the archaic geometry of two intersecting circles with their centres lying on the perimeter of each other, the artist explores the energy from both the spiritual and material realms as illustrated on the artwork signed by Juli Jah.

Founded in 2017 by Hendrik and Elia, the label dispatched amazing music signed by Dragutesku, Bryz, Silat Beksi and RQZ while also setting two sublabels – apă, with the first pressing featuring Argentinian artist Cerec and pământ, announced early this morning. This second side venture will be introduced with a 12” by Venda soon, so make sure you stay connected to find out more. Expressing a solid love for the Romanian style of minimalistic house and techno music, the label also hosts regular showcase events which now had to be put on hold, giving the global pandemic problem we’re facing.

As our Open Call for DJs and producers kickstarted yesterday with Hendrik being part of the jury panel, we invite emerging and established artist to participate and express their creativity, knowing that their works will be carefully reviewed by true electronic music connoisseurs.

Vlad Arapasu never ceases to amaze. He recently founded his own imprint Kontent and regularly delivered quality tracks and podcasts. This EP is no exception. From eerie textures, twisted effects and intricate layering to uncanny drumming patterns, the three tracks have it all. Opening the material, “Vesica Piscis” unfolds a driving rhythm that will keep you on the edge with its relentless energy. The reverberating micropatterns behind the core elements and the abstract synth work manage to create a hypnotic affair here.

On the flipside we first find “Witchy ci”, an electric piece designed with sharp synth stabs in focus, gloomy textures and steady-paced drumming sequences. The cut flows with ease and the breakdowns leave enough space for the listener to clearly perceive the numerous glitches and subtle arrangements. Closing, “Colour Map” reveals a dubby atmosphere lead by a solid growling bassline and a more relaxed percussion. The panning chords and the bubbling effects blend with elegance, making the cut perfect for the afterhours. A must-have for any collector and selector!

Vlad Arapasu - Vesica Piscis EP [Unic] 02

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Artist: Vlad Arapasu
Title: Vesica Piscis EP
Label: Unic
Cat. number: UNIC004
Release date: 26.03.2020
Format: Vinyl-only


Words by AndreiB


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