VA (Triptil, Bryz, Lulla, Venda) – VRM001 [Verum]

Various Artists - VRM001 [Verum] 01

Various Artists (Triptil, Bryz, Lulla, Venda) – VRM001 [Verum]

The freshly founded American record label Verum announces its first pressing to arrive soon with Romanian artists Triptil and Bryz at the controls on Side A, as well as with Cedesciu Wax founder Lulla and Australian artist Venda delivering the vibes on the flipside. The soundscape of the VA is designed with precision and the movements are brought to you by four masters of their craft, so expect a thrilling and diverse minimal sound. Established by Brandon Andrews, Kenny Hope & Violeta Benitez, known for their affiliations with Unclosed Music, RabbitHole and Early Morning Music, the imprint aims to deliver top-quality electronic music that connects artists and people all over the world.

“An enigma of truth, rhythm and intrigue where anything is possible. Essence from the past, present and future. Where inspiration from opposing corners of the world converge to share and balance energy. A memento, a promise.”


Triptil opens Side A with “Switch”, a twisted uptempo cut smoothly crafted with swinging dubby elements, spacious arrangements and a solid bassline in focus. The groovy rotations and the subtly modulated vocals create a hypnotic effect, making this track perfect for peak time moments at any party. Following, Bryz takes the tempo down a bit with “Apotheosis”, unleashing a low-slung rhythm powered by warping arpeggios, abstract effects, immersive breakdowns and a solid bassline that shakes through the frequency spectrum.

On Side B we first find the trippy soundwaves of “Forest Echo” by Lulla, where ever-evolving background textures, eerie pads that come in and out of focus and clustering microlayers merge into an ever-evolving narrative suitable for dimly lighted dancefloors. Venda closes the compilation with “Oserta”, delivering a spaced-out composition designed like a clockwork mechanism in full swing. A highly recommended record right here for collectors and selectors alike!

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Artists:Triptil, Bryz, Lulla, Venda
Title: VRM001
Cat. number: VRM001
Release date: TBA 2022
Format: Vinyl-only

Words by AndreiB

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