feeder sound 328 mixed by Odette

feeder sound 328 mixed by Odette 01

Today we invite Dutch DJ and producer Odette to deliver the weekend vibes, so adjust the volume of your speakers and enjoy the ride!

Odette describes herself as a “pretty nerd”, although she is really much more than that: a dedicated hard worker who refuses to stop. The closest thing to her taking a break is when she lets loose one of her cutting-edge sets, which always allows you to feel her energy resonate through the crowd. Juggling with minimal, house and techno music for quite some time now, she became an established name in the game, with her very own label VDK, established in 2019. She also collaborated with imprints like Moss Co., Kindisch, Heisenberg, Soundterrasse, Denise Records, Saint and Don’t, Stay Random Natasha, Depth Over Distance and recently Margate, to name a few. More works are in the making for sure and until future releases and updates are announced, you can catch her play at various venues in Amsterdam.

I do groove. I try to create emotions through a sense of rolling energy that’s consistent on the dancefloor as well as for a session at home.


feeder sound 328 mixed by Odette reveals a carousel of emotional, groovy and inspiring cuts, some new, some old, all carefully picked for an energetic adventure, perfect to start your weekend with. Among the tracks, we can also hear “Save My Memory” from her latest EP on Margate, as well as other gems from the house, microhouse and deep house universe, elegantly complemented by electric interventions and pure funky flavours. Enjoy with the volume up!

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Words by AndreiB

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