11 Live acts with a focus on minimal and microhouse (Part 2)

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Welcome back to Part 2 of our journey exploring the immersive world of minimal techno and microhouse live acts.

In Part 1 we explored 10 inspiring live acts who’ve been redefining the boundaries of underground electronic music performances. Now, let’s continue our exploration with 11 equally astonishing live acts that will take you on an unforgettable sonic adventure.

Taking live sets to a whole new level by exclusively using various types of analogue gear, vintage equipment and instruments, those artists know their game and are ready to deliver unforgettable musical experiences each time they perform. You may already be familiar with some of them but you always can expect the unexpected. That’s exactly what they deliver: new sounds, new grooves and intricate immersive vibes. Down and up the rabbit hole we go!


NY-based Andrew Ortiz aka Amo is a connoisseur of gadgets from an early age, having a degree in Recording Art and Music Production from Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida, and a solid musical background. His music is a unique synergy of sounds, vibrations, micro-beats, harmonies and rhythms, carefully engineered to resonate deep within the listener. He also provides mixing, mastering and other sound engineering services through his online platforms, always delivering top-quality results.

Throughout time, his works were published by labels like Vatos Locos, Third Stream, BlkMarket Music, NG Trax, UnderYourSeat, Tzinah, Kina Music, Moral Fiber, Bla Bla Music, Deep Tech Records and SCI+TEC, as well as his own O.O.O. launched in 2020. He’s also the mastermind behind the GreenRoom Family, organising events, touring and recording podcasts alongside many friends and international artists in the scene.

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Heading Atipic, Motif and several other widely-known projects closely related for quite some time now, Adrian Niculae aka Priku is one of the leading artists when we talk about the underground Romanian minimal techno and microhouse scene. His DJ sets and productions are always top-notch but his live sets are definitely something no one can easily forget, whether he’s doing it alone or in collaboration with good friends and artists, like Dinu, VincentIulian or Jorge Savoretti.

Aside from his own well-known playgrounds he also collaborated with numerous other labels worldwide, such as Introspection, Octophonic, BPLR Records, Savor Music, All Inn Black, a:rpia:r, Rora, Berg Audio, Ruere, Winder and Midi Records, to name just a few.

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Cesar Merveille

Encouraged by creative freedom during his formative years, Cesar Merveille learnt to listen to his instincts and keep a healthy dose of soul in everything he turned his hand to. His collaboration with Cadenza and Visionquest propelled him to the world stage, providing a platform for his music to reach a broad audience and enabling him to command dance floors all over the world. Currently based in Berlin, he embraced the natural workflow of hardware production, immersing himself in a studio powered by machines and intuition, constantly delivering top-notch productions, edits, remixes and otherworldly improvisations.

Cesar is also the mastermind behind Roche Madame and Roche Noire record labels as well as a part of JAC and Midminuit projects alongside Julien Quentin, Adrien de Maublanc and Yonatan Levi of Hotel Costes’ main crew.

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DeWalta & Shannon

Berlin-based DJ and producer David Koch aka DeWalta and Canadian artist Mike Shannon often team up for unforgettable live sets and studio sessions, the result is an extraordinary blend of rhythms, textures and modulations perfect for the dancefloor. Having numerous releases and performances under their belt, this collaboration surely stands out as one of a kind in the international underground electronic music scene.

Both artists have remarkable solo careers, but their sets together are increasingly sought after as their ability to create hypnotic music on the fly is really hard to compare. This only adds up extra magic to their personal discographies which include releases on Meander, Amphia, Haunt, Wagon Repair, Cynosure, Half Baked, Visionquest and Secret Society, among many others.

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Felix Godden aka F.GOD is an experimentalist and his latest album “A Lever Long Enough” released by Arno Voelker and Simon Birkenfeld‘s label Internet Is Over is evidence of this fact. His background in film sound editing surely stands out, as his approach to electronic music is truly one of a kind.

This record is a hybrid of his musical interests, incorporating sections with heavy beats and complex rhythms, fluttering fugue-like synth tracks, and pure lo-fi ambient and musique concrete pieces. His love for computer music will always be transposed into his live sets, creating a fully immersive experience each time he performs.


Ion Ludwig

With productions played by top names in the scene and a relentless activity for more than 20 years, which includes live performances in The Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, The United Kingdom, Spain, Belgium and Romania, Ion Ludwig is definitely one of the most acclaimed artists out there when it comes to underground electronic music.

His music is always immersive, unpredictable and groovy at its core. Among the labels he worked with, we find Adam’s Bite, Resopal Schallware, Meander, Trelik, Metereze, Perlon, Be Chosen, Lick My Deck, Toi Toi, Unreleased Ltd. and Unanim, aside from his own playgrounds Quagmire and Ugold Series imprints.

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Mischa Blanos

Attuning between two music worlds, clubbing and concert halls, Mischa Blanos is set to instil his own view on the well-sought-after alliance between classical and electronic music. Renowned as an exhilarating solo live performer, he always makes the piano shine as an instrument, using it as a rhythmic element, organic groove or drowned-in noise texture, perfectly interplaying with free-flowing, polyrhythmic percussion and morphing synths, in order to create his own unique musical force.

Combining rich techno atmospheres with classical music, he often travels with fellow countrymen Cristi Cons and Vlad Caia, performing as one-third of the influential trio Amorf, bringing his unique groove and musicality to their live shows at the world’s most famous clubs like Fabric, Rex Club, The Block, Gazgolder and festivals such as ADE, Caprices and Sunwaves.

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Sahau (Dan Andrei, Kozo and Paul Agripa)

Dan Andrei, Kozo and Paul Agripa have been at the forefront of Romanian minimal and microhouse music for quite some time now, always bringing forward vivid studio productions, DJ sets and exquisite live sets. Their energy combined delivers the Sahau project with a couple of timeless releases on the local Zimbru record label.

They all have astonishing solo careers and projects but in this formula expect some serious grooves to be dropped in an instant, as their live sets are truly immersive and mind-boggling. Side projects include The Future Future Sound, AK41 and Comojii, well-known in the Romanian underground scene and beyond.

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SIT (Cristi Cons & Vlad Caia)

Cristi Cons and Vlad Caia are widely known for their collaborative SIT project, being top-tier on numerous line-ups and label rosters when it comes to special live performances or DJ sets. They also run Amphia, a record label that has always been a source of inspiration and discovery for many people and emerging artists around the world.

Aside from their own playground, their releases have been published by labels such as Sushitech, Naural, Do Easy Records, Half Baked and Fabric London, to name just a few. Expect the unexpected and make sure you’re ready to dance next time when you catch them playing a live set together.

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British DJ and producer Martyn Hodgson aka TIJN is widely known for his music-making skills for quite some time now. Aside from the works he brought forward through his eponymous record label, In Haus Wax and Deep Edition Recordings, he also collaborated with imprints like Kanja Records, Body Parts, Memoria, Trim Records, Lowwaxx, Rooted Series, Decay, Unblock, Moss Co, EWax and Vuew, to name only a few

His first live act was recorded during the Covid lockdowns as part of the Internal Connections live-streaming event hosted by Meoko which took place between the 15th and 17th of May 2020, showcasing his works alongside other artists representing labels like Leftback Records, Romana Records, Curtea Veche, OGE, MINIM Records, E-Numbers, Unic and Subtil.

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Wareika (Florian Schirmacher, Henrik Raabe, Jakob Seidensticker)

It was a warm mid-summer afternoon in 2008 when Jakob Seidensticker, Florian Schirmacher and Henrik Raabe met, “just to play a bit around”. With some congas and drums, some quite old synthesizers plus a sequencer they started jamming in a basement studio close to the Hamburg harbour. The session was meant to be a pure fun thing and nobody really intended to press the record button. Until it was pressed and their ascending journey into the electronic music scene began.

You can find some of their finest productions published by labels like Tartelet Records, Perlon, Visionquest, Connaisseur Recordings, BAR25, Amphia, Mobilee, Sleep Is Commercial, Mezin, Yarn Records and Tanny, to name only a few.

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Words by: AndreiB

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