7 fresh experimental sets by Xandru, Tulbure, Miss I & Paul Agripa, Khidja, Eirwud Mudwasser, Dubokaj and Lil Obeah

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With artists constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible within electronic music, the experimental genre has been evolving for decades, often incorporating unconventional sounds and techniques to create unique and original compositions through innovation and creativity. Nowadays, experimental electronic music is gaining more and more popularity in various regions around the world including Romania, where many well-known producers and selectors incorporate this diverse and deeply explorative style in their works.

On this sunny day in February, we invite you aboard an immersive sonic journey that features 7 fresh experimental sets recorded by Xandru, Tulbure, Miss I & Paul Agripa, Khidja, Eirwud Mudwasser, Dubokaj and Lil Obeah. Track by track and set by set, you’ll find yourself drifting on a very diverse palette of soundscapes, from serene cinematic compositions and deep ambient tones to leftfield grooves and uptempo electronica.

Xandru & Alexandra Iliesco – feeder art & sound LIVE

As part of the “Explorări Artistice ale Spațiului Public” project curated by Save or Cancel and co-financed by the Bucharest City Hall through ARCUB within the Affective Bucharest Program 2022, on January 13th we went live with Xandru and Alexandra Iliesco who brought forward an inspiring 2-hour performance that combines experimental music with live painting, merging the realms of imagination with reality.

Tulbure & Coon One – feeder art & sound LIVE

On October 20th, during the opening of the “Explorări Artistice ale Spațiului Public” exhibition, Tulbure took over the decks at Lente in Bucharest while Coon One engaged himself in a live painting session, in order to bring together urban art and experimental electronic music.

Miss I & Paul Agripa – Platforma Wolff x IntuitFM

Here’s a one-hour recording from a lovely weekday evening at Platforma Wolff hosted by Paul Agripa alongside Misbits Record Shop’s own Miss I. From jazzy themes, dreamy natural soundscapes and immersive ambient compositions to more avant-garde cuts the atmosphere is totally captivating, taking the listener into a relaxed state of mind.

Currents Presents Khidja @ Mutant Radio

Local duo Rusu and Flore aka Khidja are a central point of reference when we talk about the underground electronic music scene in Bucharest and beyond, as their intense activity in the scene spans from the early ’90s until today, time in which they constantly brought forward numerous projects, collaborations, releases and live performances. Their sets are always inspiring as there are no genre limitations so expect the unexpected.

Ghosting w/ Eirwud Mudwasser @ Black Rhino Radio

Bucharest-based DJ and producer Eirwud Mudwasser is active for more than ten years on the local scene and you can often find him mixing at Guesthouse, Platforma Wolff or Control Club. He’s also half of the duo Disco Sigaretta alongside Moss Farai. His monthly show “Ghosting” on Black Rhino Radio is all about electronic oddities, acoustic melodies, tunes and drums, old and new, dubby, leftfield, lofi and hifi, deep and acid.

feeder jukebox #25 selected by Dubokaj

feeder jukebox #25 selected by Dubokaj drops a solid dub-infused and soundsystem-friendly selection that features exquisite cuts, rare gems and carefully selected personal works. From deep dives into dubby rhythms and textures to rock-steady, reggae grooves and broken beats, the set has all it takes for you to slide and swing.

Sound of Art to Come – The Future is History – A Rodion G.A. Tribute by Lil Obeah

Rodion Ladislau Roșca aka Rodion G.A. was a pioneer of electronic music in cold-war era Romania, with his works in the field of music incorporating many influences, from experimental electronica, progressive and psychedelic rock to compositions for film and theatre productions. His legacy will continue to inspire many future generations as his releases, performances and life story are truly unique. Lil Obeah‘s live set is a tribute dedicated to Rodion’s memory and versatility, featuring some of the artist’s tracks including his original collaborations made with artists such as Mark Stewart from The Pop Group in Bristol, Steaua de Mare, Janin and his band Uniforma as well as Crowd Control. Previews of upcoming releases from the label are also present in this recording.

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Words by: AndreiB

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