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feeder sound LIVE 🔴 with Miss I

Let’s take the first steps into 2021 with a positive attitude towards what’s going on worldwide right now and work more on anything that can be done in order to keep our music, culture, freedom of expression and peace still going while solving the problems one by one. And now, let the music highlight the path and deliver the good vibes, selected by Miss I and envisioned by Pasr.

Ioana Parlog aka Miss I is a notable figure for the local and international electronic music scene, having spent many years digging for records, mixing, organising events, promoting good music and vibes to the community, running radio shows on Groove On and managing Misbits Record Store in Bucharest. Throughout time the shared the decks with many talented artists at numerous events and festivals in Romania (Guesthouse, Eden, Control, Waha, Mioritmic), Germany, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Finland and Spain.

Miss I was also a part of the jury panel for our latest feeder sound open call as well as our guest for the 9th episode of our live streaming series alongside visual artist Pasr which went 🔴 LIVE on July 22nd. The time has come now for you to enjoy the full recording of her vinyl-only set on soundcloud and to find out more about the event by reading this article.

“When I say feeder.ro for sure is good energy. These guys are putting everything to make a lot of interesting projects, mainly representing music and street art from Romania. Every time I go there, I have a very good connection with them, and I leave with a good vibe. 🙂 This time, for the last stream, I was a bit worried about what I will play, how it will be… even I had my selection from home, but there I felt so comfortable and time passed so quickly!! I was very excited about this project with music b2b drawing and came up with really really beautiful work! I want to wish them to keep their path because I trust them and after so many years they are still coming with something fresh. ❤️

Miss I

feeder sound LIVE with Miss I incorporates eclectic nuances of a carousel of genres and subgenres derived from trip-hop, dub, deep house, techno, minimal, acid and breakbeat. From deep introspective rhythms to driving and swinging melodies this journey has it all, so adjust the volume of your speakers and enjoy this beautiful record selection!

Happy New Year! ✨

Miss I on facebook | soundcloud
feeder sound on soundcloud | feeder.ro

Words by AndreiB

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