Mischa Blanos – Bygone (video)

Mischa Blanos

Mischa Blanos – Bygone – LNG05

Starting the Ebb and Flow EP as promised for a zoning out experience, the opener “Bygone” sets the mood for a cosmic journey. Filmed in Paris and on the Romanian beach in Mamaia, it captures the very state of the artist described in his own words “how I feel in the city just like a coded person among other millions and on the other hand how my true persona is revealed in nature, right there on a beach“. Found also in his previous album “City Jungle“, this is a recurring theme in Mischa Blanos‘ universe, where the artist, confronted with the alienation of the city, is a simulacrum of a human being and just a copy of the real thing.

About Mischa Blanos
The Bucharest-based composer and producer perform for Piano, Synths and Electronic Machines. With a classical academic background since the age of seven, he attunes between two music worlds, clubbing and concert halls, where his Piano & Electronics project is set to instil his own view on the alliance between classical, jazz and electronic music, and his Live Electronics project is perfectly cut to fit his techno clubbing outfit.


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