exclusive premiere: Alimori (Mischa Blanos) & Dragusin – Spring [Longcut Records]

Alimori, Dragusin - Spring [Longcut Records 01]

feeder sound exclusive premiere: Alimori (Mischa Blanos) & Dragusin – Spring [Longcut Records]

Two weeks ago we explored The Four Seasons. Altered by Alimori aka Mischa Blanos and Dragusin, a four-tracker with roots in ambient and downtempo music published through Longcut Records, a new venture managed by Mischa himself. Inspiring and truly immersive, the album shapes Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter through piano, synths, computer and modular gear while it also raises awareness about our planet’s present-day problems, our relationship to nature and our impact on the environment.

Throughout human history, the cycles of the four seasons have shaped our lives in the way we work, sleep, eat, think and feel while serving as a constant source of inspiration for many artists who created their own vision of these deeply moving feelings. Alimori and Dragusin express their distinct take on this age-old story through four acoustic/electronic compositions designed with great care in order to generate a vivid and hypnotic musical journey.

✨ We invite you to dive deep into “Spring” on our exclusive premiere column and relax, daydream and feel energized:

Symbolizing the concepts of rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal, resurrection or regrowth, spring restarts the cycle of natural life, taming winter’s cold with the Sun’s charging rays. This warm feeling serves as a theme for the track and has an organic progression that reverberates through all the layers. The spacious background pads and chords elegantly blend with melodic rhodes arrangements, field recordings and gentle drumming patterns. The second part of the track reveals a more dynamic soundscape as several elements evolve into a complex narrative.

Grab your copy of The Four Seasons. Altered from Bandcamp.

Artist: Alimori (Mischa Blanos) & Dragusin
Title: Spring / The Four Seasons. Altered
Label: Longcut Records
Cat. number: Longcut Records 002
Release Date: 03.11.2020
Format: Digital

Words by: AndreiB

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