Mischa Blanos - Ebb and Flow

Release Date EP: 07.04.2023
Release Single #2.Ebb and Flow: 17.03.2023

  1. Bygone 3:44
  2. Ebb and Flow 3:37
  3. Unclouding 6:01
  4. Enter Exit 2:58
  5. Naked 2:48

Synths, Rhodes, Cymbal: Mischa Blanos
Composition and production: Mischa Blanos
Sound Effects on 2nd track: Vlad Caia
Mixing & Mastering: Vlad Caia
Artwork: Matei Bacanu

Famous for his abilities of creating around different music genres, the well-rounded pianist and producer Mischa Blanos gives way to a highly immersive IDM work. Five ambient tracks where lush electronics, ASMR inducing recordings and meticulous digital design are to be used as a sound toolbox for mind-wandering and escapism. Everything in nature works with an ebb and flow, just as the tides of oceans come crashing in and out in a rhythmical pattern, just as plants blossom and fade away and just as we are bound to wake and rest. But we value the flow more, the time when we’re progressing, producing or creating and we forget about the ebb, the time to rest, reflect and restore.

“We live in a fast paced world which values hard work and success. And that’s all fine, but what if we could also value introspection, daydreaming, time with ourselves and doing nothing? It’s an art of doing nothing. But we’re all Artists at this, because I don’t know one person who tried and failed at it. One should only try.”

Mischa Blanos

Starting as promised for a zoning out experience, the opener “Bygone” is making space and the perfect mood for setting the mind free. Let the bygones behind, forgive the future and slide into now. Overlaid synths are soaked in reverb and echo delay as if inviting you to shift your weight from one foot to the other and finally ground yourself into a perfect balance. Bearing the name of the EP, the track “Ebb and Flow” digresses from the vast spaces and enters the most private inner chamber where one could feel truly safe with its own tides of thoughts. Blanos’ delicate live performance on Rhodes, the sound of the fingers tapping on ride cymbals and the unexpected sound effects made by Vlad Caia truly evokes the tactile, immersive virtues and intimacy of ASMR. Blanos’ appetite for creating sonic spheres and science-fiction universes is intensely felt on “Unclouding”, projecting the soundtrack for an ethereal 6 minute braindance, charged with starburst distorted synths and deep bassline. Continuing the infinite space journey, “Enter Exit” weaves the gentle Rhodes into the glimmering light of synths and “Naked” relaxes with heart-pulsing bass to close the album with a calming “I’m home” headspace.

About Mischa Blanos: The Bucharest based composer and producer performing for Piano, Synths and Electronic Machines. With a classical academic background since the age of seven, he attunes between two music worlds, clubbing and concert halls, where his Piano & Electronics project is set to instill his own view on the alliance between classical, jazz and electronic music, and his Live Electronics project is perfectly cut to fit his techno clubbing outfit. His latest album “City Jungle” has been supported by Mary Anne Hobbs, Nemone, Louder Than War, XLR8R, Meoko and Magnetic Mag.


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