The Vinyl Market

The Vinyl Market Berlin 2023

The Vinyl Market spins up for a second edition on the 3rd of June in a warehouse in Berlin Friedrichshain.

We have great memories of last year’s event, with its vibrant energy celebrating the art of vinyl.

With a plethora of vendors, you’re sure to find that hidden gem you’ve been searching for. Indulge in the sensory experience of holding a vinyl record in your hands digging through crates of the freshest new pressings and vintage second-hand vinyl.

The Vinyl Market is not just a market, it’s an experience. Come along and listen to the warmth of the sound of vinyl-only DJ sets whilst checking high-quality DJ gear, tools, and vinyl-related swag. Meet like-minded people and enjoy a cold beer when listening to one of the panel talks with music professionals.


SAT 03.06.2023
12:00 – 19:00
Nåpoleon Komplex, Berlin Friedrichshain



Vinyl Market
Panel Talks & Discussions
Record Cover Exhibition
Vinyl Only DJ Sets Meeting Lounge
Delicious Food & Drinks
Tattoo Artists

The Vinyl Market Berlin 2022
The Vinyl Market – Berlin 2022


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1. 13:00 – 14:00 – “How to Vinyl as a newcomer”

Isabelle Beese from WarmUp.Berlin will be hosting vinyl-only newcomer and long-time professionals as her guests, focusing on their decisions about why they work with vinyl records, the challenges and experiences they face on their jobs and tips on where to find high-quality yet affordable vinyl records and tools.

2. 16:00 – 18:00 – “Breaking the Beat: Is the Iconic 12-Inch Vinyl Fading into Obscurity?

Vinyl records have been making a comeback in recent years, with enthusiasts praising the warm, authentic sound and tactile experience of playing a physical record. However, new data suggests that this trend may be slowing down. As streaming services continue to dominate the music market, is the vinyl revival losing steam? Daniel Plasch from OBJECTS Manufacturing (event sponsor), and his guests will answer the question. LOUNGE, another key sponsor of the event, will be hosting a special lounge designed to present its exclusive vinyl section and welcome B2B partners and clients. The lounge promises to offer a comfortable and relaxed setting to meet in person.


The labels and musicians participating in the event showcase their release designs as a tribute to the talented graphic artists responsible for the numerous and exceptionally creative vinyl covers.

The Vinyl Market Berlin 2022
The Vinyl Market – Berlin 2022

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Jasmin Jost, a seasoned music professional with years of experience in the electronic music industry, is set to host an event that aims to bridge the gap between electronic record labels and their loyal clientele. As a partner of the booking agency, db artists, and a member of the EMC Electronic Music Culture AG, Jasmin has been deeply immersed in the industry for most of her career. Alongside her business partner, Idriss D, Jasmin also manages her own techno label, Memento Records.

In an interview, Jasmin shared the inspiration behind the event, explaining that there was a growing need for electronic record labels to reconnect with their audience in a physical setting, particularly in light of the ongoing pandemic.

“As a record label owner, you rarely have the opportunity to meet the people who purchase your records due to the presence of distributors and record shops in between.”


Recognizing this gap, she felt compelled to create an event that would facilitate direct interactions and rekindle the sense of community within the industry.

Moreover, Jasmin highlighted an intriguing aspect of the event: the sale of hidden treasures from a label’s backstock and second-hand vinyl. She emphasized that younger music enthusiasts often express interest

in releases from bygone eras that were previously overlooked and now languish in obscurity on dusty shelves. This aspect of the event not only caters to the demand for rare finds but also aligns with a broader movement toward sustainable practices, as it encourages the reuse and appreciation of existing resources.

Jasmin‘s passion for the art of vinyl records has made this event a heartfelt endeavour for the entire team at Nåpoleon Komplex, the venue hosting the event. Additionally, she expressed gratitude for the support of Home Again, a prominent label that has stood alongside her as a strong partner, backing the project wholeheartedly.

With Jasmin’s vast industry knowledge and dedication to fostering meaningful connections, this event promises to be a milestone for the electronic music culture, offering a unique opportunity for both music industry leads and music enthusiasts to come together and celebrate the timeless allure of vinyl.

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