feeder sound exclusive premiere: JAC – Out [Hôtel Costes presents…]

JAC - Out [Hotel Costes] 01

feeder sound exclusive premiere: JAC – Out [Hôtel Costes presents…]

JAC stands as an offshoot of the Midminuit project which was released earlier in the Studio HC series brought forward by Hôtel Costes. The story goes that Midiminuit member Jonatan Levi had to leave the recording process for a day, leaving the others, Julien Quentin, Adrien de Maublanc and Cesar Merveille with a whole day to spend in the studio. This naturally led to experimentation and later the formation of JAC, an acronym for the trio involved.

The project delivers a contemporary sound where classical and jazz music meet modular synths and other electronic pieces of equipment. Their previous releases, “Studio HC #02” EP and “Round The Clock” LP have introduced us to their innovative approach to production while making a statement about the infinite possibilities that can arise when combining acoustic and analogue instruments.

💥 Let’s dive in a dreamy dimension with the full-length B1. “Out” exclusively on feeder sound:

Opening the B-Side, the track reveals over five minutes of a snaking and resonant synth lead combined with mind-bending minimalistic and glitched drumming sequences as well as trippy oscillations. Swirling effects come in and out of focus while the keys deliver a soft and bright harmony.

The EP opens with “Take Off”, a twelve and a half minutes cinematic take designed with ethereal textures, dubby echoes, emotive piano chords and shifting bass tones. Following, “In” builds tension through crunchy elements and modulated percussive layers at its core, while heavily reverberated jazz piano licks and hazy effects flow throughout the composition. “Landing” concludes this immersive release with a heady, pulsating sub bassline, resonant flutters and expansive pad swells. A must-have “pour les connaisseurs“!


Artist: JAC
Title: B1. Out / Studio HC #04
Label: Hôtel Costes presents…
Cat. number: HCEP04
Release Date: 05.02.2020
Format: Vinyl


Words by: AndreiB


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