Introspections - Luna


It’s a given fact that electronic productions made in Romania are not obvious. Simple melodic structures, respecting the “less is more” principle, are hiding subtle inflections deep inside their minimalistic frameworks. The same loop is rolling over and over again, with subtle changes perceived only by the trained ears, listening to potent sound systems. Many of the Romanian producers are trained in various classical music instruments and almost all of them are drawing inspiration from musical genres and movements that apparently have little or nothing to do with the dancefloor.

This is where the Introspections record label stands. The brainchild of Half Is Enough, Introspections is meant to be a gateway between the artists’ private musical universe and the dancefloor. Without leaving the dancefloor, the crowd discovers different musical realms through their favorite producers.

Luna, Introspections’ first release (limited availability here), reveals Priku’s downtempo side. Piano strings and pads are scattered along the 10 minutes long track on Side A, in a familiar minimalistic arrangement, making it perfect for a home listening session. Flipping the record we discover two cuts of raw energy, delivered by two of Romania’s most sought after producers. Sublee goes for a deeper reinterpretation of Luna, while Lizz pushes the main theme into progressive dub territory.

Because this is the purpose of the Introspections vinyl series. Take artists outside the dance floor and let them express their musical ideas without any constraints. And then bring these ideas back to the dance floor with some amazing reinterpretations.

Bogdan Moraru is the artist behind the artwork, a twisted lunar fairytale involving alien shamans and flying manta rays.


Artist: PRIKU
Title: Luna
Label: Introspections
Cat. number: INTRSPCT01
Release date: 18.05.2020
Format: Vinyl-only


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