feeder sound exclusive premiere: Ion Ludwig – D-room [Adam’s Bite]

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feeder sound exclusive premiere: Ion Ludwig – D-room [Adam’s Bite]

The well-known DJ and producer Ion Ludwig returns with another extended album, released in collaboration with the freshly founded Swiss record label Adam’s Bite, which debuted in May with Martinesque’s “Paradigm EP”. Ludwig’s 3×12” LP titled “Truth Only Exists In Paradise” packs 11 tracks designed with various influences, going from stripped-back grooves and pure uplifting old-school house arrangements to deep, out-of-the-box sounds, pushing the boundaries of his distinct style even further into uncharted territory.

With productions played by top names in the scene and a relentless activity as a DJ which includes gigs in The Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, The United Kingdom, Spain, Belgium and Romania, Ion Ludwig is definitely one of the most acclaimed artists out there when it comes to modern electronic dance music. Among the labels he worked with we find Resopal Schallware, Meander, Trelik, Metereze, Perlon, Be Chosen, Lick My Deck, Toi Toi and Unanim, aside from his own Quagmire and Ugold Series, among others.

💥 Time to enjoy “D-room” taken from his latest material exclusively on feeder sound and explore the LP in more depth:

“Truth Only Exists In Paradise” tells the truth of non-truth. Nothing today can be seen as independent and no information seems to be holy. The truth is a hopelessly lost soul, nowhere welcome or at home, except in Paradise. – Ion Ludwig

The track isn’t your ordinary 4/4 thumping piece, but it definitely feels like one, packing an equal amount of energy while going fully experimental and abstract, closer to IDM. The filtered percussive patterns slowly reveal an alluring arrangement, where echoed chords, breezy oscillations and bright effects create a deeply organic atmosphere that sweeps through the frequencies with style.

“Il Pleure Rythmique” opens the LP with shimmering rhythms above electric samples and angelic pads dripping with euphoria before “Erodyca Melouse” offers up rubbery synths, pulsating bass rolls and glistening leads. Following, “Green Times” adds quirky elements into the mix while “Faster Five Physics” delivers skippy grooves, minimal aesthetics and seductive low frequencies in this late-night dancefloor burner. “IP Swing” is a more meditative cut with low-slung drums, rich textures and explorative sonic atmospheres.

Jazzy broken beats, rough-edged modulations which harmonise graciously with the entrancing leads are in focus on “S3K vs S1MK II” before easing into the swaying house sound of “Think Music” which culminates the use of whirling bass strokes, irresistible melodies and acidic slurs layered underneath. “Going O” and “Soul Vaseline” make way for two jacking deep house cuts infused with crystal-clean progression and wobbling basslines. “Kronkolonie” delightfully rounds off this impressive album highlighting Ludwig’s dexterous skill with patiently, enveloping builds, bumping percussion and flourishing instrumentation. A highly recommended vinyl or digital asset right here!

Listen to the snippets and grab your copy from decks.de.

Artist: Ion Ludwig
Title: D-room / Truth Only Exists In Paradise LP
Label: Adam’s Bite
Cat. No.: ADAMLP001
Release Date: 25.09.2020
Format: Vinyl & Digital

Words by: AndreiB

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