Yaar Kü & DeWalta – Aura EP [Caposile Music]

Caposile Music Announce CPSL004 With Yaar Kü and DeWalta

Caposile Music Announce CPSL004 With Yaar Kü and DeWalta

Venice-based outfit Caposile Music are accelerating into 2022 with another fantastic release, this time calling on resident and family member, Yaar Kü. The young and talented producer has come into his element in recent times, gaining himself solid support from diggers and tastemakers alike. His CPSL004 EP includes three originals, and an innovative remix from Berlin-based, DeWalta. Classy and sophisticated minimal movements from a rising star, and a revered remixer.

Constructed upon hypnotic energy from the get-go is the opening track “Aura”, crisp and accomplished drum work chugs the track along, giving space for the mystical pads and synths to work their magic. Next up is “Jobu”, a quirky and rolling trip lasting around 7 minutes. The rippling bass notes are teased by the flashing vocal samples, extracted from garage classics of the past. Certainly a track to move things up a gear in the club. 

OBE (Out Of Body Experience)” is structured with pure finesse, each element and sound placed perfectly, moving in obscure directions but all still conversing taking you in a forward motion, yet urging your thoughts to wander in new directions. Meander founder DeWalta has been invited to join the Italian collective for the remix, and as expected his “Half Full Time Remix” is crammed full of the experienced producer’s distinctive sound, a hazy encounter built for the after-party hours. 

Caposile Music Announce CPSL004 With Yaar Kü and DeWalta

The Caposile brand is growing at an alarming rate. What started off as crafting their sound and propelling their ideas to their Venezian audience has now led to them spreading like wildfire through Europe and beyond with a series of events and releases in the pipeline. The Caposile effect is in full throttle.

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Artists: Yaar Kü and DeWalta
Title: Aura
Label: Caposile Music
Cat. number: CPSL004 
Release date: 25.07.2022
Format: Vinyl-only

Caposile Music Announce CPSL004 With Yaar Kü

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